Wednesday, July 29

It on da tubmlr

But figure it might as well be here too, mirite?
i mean, does anyone even check that?

Monday, July 27

Hey, You--

need to find a scanner down here

Sunday, July 26

what summer is doing to me

eggs, toast, extra thick bacon, homemade fried hashbrowns

8 oz. Burger Bar, turkey burger with sauteed mustard greens, bacon, cave-aged gruyere, horshradish dijonaise, onion, pickle, tomato, ketchup, some roasted baby broccoli and a side of french fries

Carls Jr, western bacon cheeseburger, french fries

a whole bag of tortilla chips, way too much cheese sauce and salsa for one person

slices of homemade flourless chocolate cake and fruit cobbler, topped with two scoops vanilla ice cream

after finishing that second cheeseburger at 1:00 am and realizing I had bacon and some form of fried potatoes with every meal I havent been hungry since. i wish i had a camera on me and realized what i was doing to myself throughout the day so i could have documented it.

john and i woke up the next day and had whitecastle for breakfast and watched three movies in a row.

Thursday, July 23

Best Midnight Snack Ever

Fresh albacore midnight sashimi, fills my belly oh so good

sorry ive been so bad at updating this, ive been really busy (read: lazy) lately, but i promise ill get back in the habit. but at least ive been better at updating the the tumblr than i usually am. so there's that.