Monday, March 12


It's weird, whenever I used to think about spending late morning laying in your bed and that room and the yellow light coming in through the window, I would get severely depressed, so I've pushed those thoughts out of my head and forbade myself from thinking them.. it's been a while now, and in light of everything, for the first time I can think of them and be okay-- ive always known it was just the "idea" of you that Ive been in love with but couldnt help myself, but i guess it is true that time does heal wounds and eventually you make better memories to overwrite what you thought would forever be the best days of your life. It's a nice feeling. I guess I'm just really disappointed in you, and given the circumstances, its true that many actions can be forgiven and even approved of, but it doesnt give you free license to fuck things up with other peoples lives. i dont know man. "i want to believe."

Thursday, February 23


saw a band you would really like today, but i guess we dont talk anymore oops

o ~ well