Sunday, May 31

7--11 Massacre

bad idea yes but i regret nothing

Tuesday, May 26


So i guess one of my recent test videos from the Super Nintendo project has been floating around, going all the way to Kotaku, which actually kind of blows my mind. A particular thanks to Offworld for bringing the initial attention to the project (as far as my knowledge goes). Anyways, I realized some of the sites that posted it tended to just post the video and what they thought was happening, rather than actually what was going on. And while it does come off as my vision of a really rad atari remake of SFII, that wasnt exactly the initial goal (although it was the initial attraction..maybe ill have to follow up with a full atari-conversion), and it was actually just a test video. If you're interested at all in the project you can check out the project website (not maintained very well), or just check the project blog, which is updated way more often. And please, let me know what you think! It strange to think of people actually seeing what I do now, and it's a little offsetting.

Friday, May 22

Power Rings

Final setup with working Power Rings + mask. I still have to properly photograph it and get some sound samples up, because after all the point of it is how it sounds, not looks. Abd I know, this is like ages old. But now that im done with everything ill have all this wonderful free time and things will great. Theres a lot to go back and reevaluate.

Also, anyone who's staying in Providence this summer give me a hollar, im eventually leaving but ill be around for a few weeks into June. We can get sandwiches at Farmstead.

Thursday, May 21

After 44 hours

Ready for the sweet, sweet embrace of sleep.
Summer will be waiting for me when i wake.

Tuesday, May 19



(or why today was awesome)

Breakfast: Free coffee from Carr Haus, and a mango that was almost too ripe

Lunch: Homemade sandwich on free raisin bread from Carr Haus's closing

Dinner: For our meeting in film narrative we were supposed to have a BBQ/danceoff. But because of inclement weather, it was rescheduled to pizza party. I was expecting just a few pizzas and some boring presentations. But rather, in addition to pizzas Gloria made a spectacular summer salad with raisins and grilled onions, a tray of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (each topped with fresh berries), and a bag (literally, a Nordstrom's bag) of some of the best homemade cookies ive had. They were Frankenstein cookies, basically a combination of every great cookie you could imagine. I love Gloria Masciarotte, ignore what anyone else says, take her class (aside from her cookie magic, she gives the most interesting lectures ive had).

Post Dinner: Free midnight breakfast at The Met, featuring the usual assortment of slightly-better-than-mediocre breakfast treats. And two cups of free coffee.

Now: I really should be working on finals rather than blogging about food, but I'd rather relive this delectable day for a few more moments before diving into a world of hex and pixels.


Monday, May 18

Film Narrative

is over

Sunday, May 17


Just started a small fire. Exciting.
Done shooting

Saturday, May 16

Friday, May 15


What Cheer+ Man Beacon, short class with Al Chin, train ride, Animal Collectinghue, then back to Providence in time before store 24 closed. Oreo dinner with cashews. Most intense verision of leaf house ive heard. I prefered this set, light show, and crowd. Probably the best east coast crowd ive seen at a real show since Justice, which was more than a year ago, but that's expected with them. Groupers set was her playing a guitar sample, huming into a mic with reverb, occasionally strumming a few strings on her guitar, and boring. Well worth it though. Felt like half of our school was in Boston--school field trip. Notable set differences, who could win a rabbit, a superior version of slippi, and the absense of banshee beat. have funn in la

Wednesday, May 13

Lunch Today

To strangely contrast what I put inside my body last night, I had a spectacular sandwich from Farmstead downtown for lunch today. I had never been to their downtown location, though I have always admired their sandwiches from afar. They definitely hold up to what I had imagined them to be. This was the Jabbon Beurre, a simple ham sandwich perfected. Perfectly toasted, fluffy french bread, ham, a sweet and creamy butter, cornichons, and dijon mustard. I have it step by step, so its like youre actually eating the sandwich. And to top it all of, it was a beautiful day outside, perfect weather, birds-a-chirpin. SPECTABADOOBULAR

its in the microwave as i type this


Monday, May 11

One Down

supernosleepweek, but the worst is over, and the rest is easybreezy.

Saturday, May 9

holy shit

Toki runs crisply on windows. i thought the program was shit, turns out it just cant run on a mac. Definitely making a shooting station in my room this summer. That way, ill never have to leave my room.

Tuesday, May 5


Got a Cinco de Mayo burrito at La Lupitas today, something ive been after for who knows how long, a glorious victory in the book of tastey items obtained. Also, making progress on SNES independent study. Video on the blog!

Finalsfinalfinfalsinfaiffinals :cccc

Monday, May 4

oh my god raisin bran is delicious why didnt anyone tell me this

Sunday, May 3