Tuesday, November 27

Noise Diaries #3

♬ Noise Diaries 2007-0011-0017

First multitrack one I've uploaded. don't worry, it's short.

Monday, November 26

Dracula Mountain

Right now, on full volume, in my sickness, this song has is just what i need. try it yourself.

someone, please, buy a drumset and teach yourself so we can play this when i get home. please.

p.s. new york blog below

Sunday, November 25

New York: Pt II

So Lily and I went over to new york for friday and saturday. my goal was to see Black Dice and Wizardzz, and Lily wanted to see her friends, who already had a hotel. so it worked out perfectly. New york was better this time, as i was able to take it as i pleased, and wasn't rushed. the only thing was it was cold. so cold. i dont know if ive ever been that cold. maybe that one time in rochester, but nothing else. it convinced me to take the subway rather than walk to the show. Wizardzz canceled (2nd show in a row), but this other band went on in their place. they used a lot of pedals. and sounded like animal collective. they were superb. ill find out their name in a bit. Black dice was even more superb--they can create unimaginable sounds. the place was nice too, down some awkward alley hidden next to a mexican grocery store. they had colored lights inside.

the next day we spent fighting the cold, eating, going to MOMA, and shopping. I have a lot of pictures. Its christmas time, which i adore, so theres lots of that. the fact that theres only three weeks left until break excited me. and it also worries me when i think about all the work i have to finish in those three weeks. i got kind of sick thursday. still recovering from it. fucl that. picture story follows. long picture story.

Saturday breakfast. New York bagel. (verdict: Overrated)

Lily's sandwich was kickin' tho

Lily loves Christmas. Probably more than anyone I know

She really loves Christmas

They were robots. CHRISTMAS ROBOTS.

MOMA. It was crowded as fuck

That Lily, she's a sneaky one.

Spot the European


Cold. So. Cold.

Final meals: amazingly greasy pizza.

I passed out on the bus next while a young black child
to the left of me sang hip hop.

Full picture collection on facebook.

A nice two days.

Thursday, November 22


I forgot to mention this.
To all of you I didn't say it to, Happy Thanksgiving.
I feel kind of sick today.
But today was semi-productive.
The Met was closed, but they did have a Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday
The Multicultural Center held a free Thanksgiving lunch for everyone here though
Complete with Turkey, Gravy(!!!!), and all the fix'ns. It was pretty good.
I think I'm going to finish off my day with a little bit of Captain Crunch
and a short movie.
This place is deserted.
It's kind of nice.
Less than four weeks until my return.

Thanksgiving@the Met pictures bellow. And massive amounts of food sent in a care package via mother + grandmother.

Biggest line I've ever seen at the Met

Mass-produced food, delicious.

They even had pie(!)

That's B. She's from California too. We be tight like that.

Yeah. and it's all like rice crackers.

Noise Diaries #2

♬ Noise Diaries 2007-0011-0010

It's long. It's one of my homework tracks. Deal.
10 minutes of noise. (with 4 Minute intro)
(But you won't tell the difference)

Wednesday, November 21

Moogerfooger Ring Modulator

Ohh. Fuck yes.

Monday, November 19

Food Love

This sunday i had to run to the picture library to find some images for an upcoming 3D project (more on that later). I spent three hours there. The upside, however, was that before hand me and Lily went to eat at the Portfolio. The Portfolio is basically a place where you can use your RISD meals besides the Met. The only difference between the Portfolio and the Met is that the food is fucking badass. In the gourmet sense. I had an omelette. It was the first time I've had one since I've been here. And the best breakfast I've had (next to that one day I found out they had peanutbutter at the Met and made waffles + maple syrup + peanutbutter) (trust me its amazing). Anyways, pictures.

Tonight, Alex decided to make crepes. He needed to borrow my nutella. There is no need for further explanation.

Food makes Lily happy.

Very happy. Click the picture to get the idea.

and i swear, art soon. break is coming up = (some) free timezzzz

Thursday, November 15



Sunday, November 11

Belt Manana

As expected, was wonderful.
They played spectacularly, and had a giant stuffed spider.
I met a lot of people there who I've seen around at shows (i.e. we spoke)
They're pretty nice, and I'll probably be seeing them around often.
Daughters opened, a local grindcore band.
They were okay, the singer was wasted.
But he always is, so I hear.

Melt Banana played spectacularly (of course)
And the crowd was good --but not as good.
I guess nothing will ever be that good.
Anyways, I had a bit more time to actually look at the band this time
And found some interesting things about the guitarists effects
That I had no idea about
Again, wish you guys were there.

Venue was nice too, fucking enormous.
Like the troubadour. But x4.
My friend's friend gave us a ride home. IN A CAR.
That was the first time ive been in a car since ive been here.
Boy, it was nice.

August 2006 - November 2007

"If I had to die any way, it would be at a Melt Banana show, rocking out to the very end."
-Dylan's Left Shoe

On a side note, I'm trying to get to New York the day after Thanksgiving, as I recently discovered that Black Dice will be playing, along with Wizarzz (feat. Brian Gibson of Lightningbolt). Black Dice is another one of those RISD bands. A lot of their stuff is droney noise--heck, one of the guys was room mates with Animal Collective, so you can really see it all tie together.

Anyways, interesting note: I was getting some more Black Dice today. I've always had their three newer cds, but never went further back. I've heard that their sound has changed a lot too. Today I finally got off my lazy ass (well, got on my lazy ass, in front of the computer) and found some old Black Dice. Holy shit, they weren't kidding when they said they changed. A lot. They went from some hardcore noise to a dance-drone. Either way, I like where they're going, and if you have the chance to see them (AHEM LOS ANGELES FOLKS), you should (Tuesday @ the ECHOPLEX with Mika Miko and that one other band; $10).
Massive sound change over the years exhibited below.

♬ Black Dice- Kokomo (2007)

♬ Black Dice- Studdered (1998)