Thursday, November 22


I forgot to mention this.
To all of you I didn't say it to, Happy Thanksgiving.
I feel kind of sick today.
But today was semi-productive.
The Met was closed, but they did have a Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday
The Multicultural Center held a free Thanksgiving lunch for everyone here though
Complete with Turkey, Gravy(!!!!), and all the fix'ns. It was pretty good.
I think I'm going to finish off my day with a little bit of Captain Crunch
and a short movie.
This place is deserted.
It's kind of nice.
Less than four weeks until my return.

Thanksgiving@the Met pictures bellow. And massive amounts of food sent in a care package via mother + grandmother.

Biggest line I've ever seen at the Met

Mass-produced food, delicious.

They even had pie(!)

That's B. She's from California too. We be tight like that.

Yeah. and it's all like rice crackers.


colie said...

it looks like she went trick-or-treating for you. also, exactly when do you get here? and when do you leave here? you are going to be missing deerhoof by a few days D:

Anonymous said...

as gross as those dishes looks,
it prolly tasted really gooood.

&how cute...
your mom & granmother. aww.

rachel said...


when did your hair get so long

this is insane

i dont understand why you had to go buy a new jacket you could have just woven an all natural parka out of it

OHYEAHH and what colie said :c how sad.