Friday, January 25

Second Set

I got my developed film back today. Oh baby.
(click that shit)

Wednesday, January 23

I want

something beautiful.

Tuesday, January 22

Film Explorations

Looking at my New Years Resolutions, I realized i havent really been keeping to them too well. especially that whole "artwork" thing. well i'm still not in the mood (read: lazy) to upload drawings, but i do have some photos from the film shoot i just did.

Oh, in case you all didn't 't know let me explain RISD's Wintersession. It's like an eight week mini-semester where you only take two classes, so it's really laid-back. You can take whatever you like. I'm taking a class on Illuminated Manuscripts (getting a liberal arts out of the way) and a studio class called Film Explorations, where we work with 16 mm film and do short studies. Anyways, these are from out second project, which really had no guidelines other than to use two rolls of film (like 5 minutes) and do something. Suite.

Monday, January 7

Noise Diaries #5

♬ Noise Diaries 2007-0011-0028 (Maybe Edit)

Ah, finally i get to put this one up. If you've heard any older diaries, this is completely different. In fact, i wouldn't even call it noise. Because it isn't. It's post-rock. I worked on it for Lei, who gets all the writing credit for the original piano piece. Personally, I enjoy the build. Mmm. Thank Lei for it this sexy little audio file.

Wednesday, January 2

Pt. II

So a new year. A new semester. I'm back at RISD, and want to thank everyone back home for making my break so wonderful. I love RISD so much, but it really was hard to come back here. There were however several things that I didn't get to do while I was home, and I'm very angry at myself for them. They are:
-See Collie. Play boardgames.

-See bearded Chris. Play videogames, eat unhealthy foods. Watch a movie.

-Make music with Lei.
So fuck me for that. But oh boy will I get these things done in May. Just you wait and see. Anyways, I also have a few New Years resolutions. I never make them, because I've never really felt the need. But hey, I know a few areas I can improve on, so here we go:
1. Write more letters, more often. Send them!
If anyone wants a letter, piece of art, or random scrap of my life, simply message me your address. I don't care if I don't even know you/like you. (

2. Update my blog with more artwork.
This one probably won't happen. But I'll try, I'm getting better at it. Plus, I finally have pictures of all this stuff from last semester to put up.

3. Get shit done
You know what I'm talkin about

That's it. Let's see how well I actually do. It's late, and I need me some sleep. First day of class tomorrow! afsdhfgadfg. Seriously, thank you guys, I couldn't have asked for a more amazing break (minus above cases).