Monday, January 7

Noise Diaries #5

♬ Noise Diaries 2007-0011-0028 (Maybe Edit)

Ah, finally i get to put this one up. If you've heard any older diaries, this is completely different. In fact, i wouldn't even call it noise. Because it isn't. It's post-rock. I worked on it for Lei, who gets all the writing credit for the original piano piece. Personally, I enjoy the build. Mmm. Thank Lei for it this sexy little audio file.


Lily said...

1. I like that picture of your friend
2. Your icon picture whatever, is from a really long time ago
3. If soy is turning people gay, then I am destined to remain heterosexual for the rest of my life because all I eat is bacon and carbs.
4. Neat

rachel said...

mm mm good

Lola la la said...

yay 4clam clip!

heyy so send me yer address so i'll b sending you some goooodies =)