Tuesday, January 22

Film Explorations

Looking at my New Years Resolutions, I realized i havent really been keeping to them too well. especially that whole "artwork" thing. well i'm still not in the mood (read: lazy) to upload drawings, but i do have some photos from the film shoot i just did.

Oh, in case you all didn't 't know let me explain RISD's Wintersession. It's like an eight week mini-semester where you only take two classes, so it's really laid-back. You can take whatever you like. I'm taking a class on Illuminated Manuscripts (getting a liberal arts out of the way) and a studio class called Film Explorations, where we work with 16 mm film and do short studies. Anyways, these are from out second project, which really had no guidelines other than to use two rolls of film (like 5 minutes) and do something. Suite.


Lily said...

so excited for this

PURPLE said...

you commented. realllyy quickly on that.. ahasrdfdhh

ctrlz said...

you might ask.. what is alex doing up at 3am?
answer: commenting on your blog, duh. :P

btw. total badass
you've gotta send me the pictures

and you'll have to invite us to your premiere, thursday afternoon :)

ctrlz said...

i don't your email address and you're never online so i'm just going to show you on blogger :P


ctrlz said...

oh. btw. that was from the movie 'big fish' :P

ctrlz said...

we have to find another ay of communicating. got an email address that you check?
the posters were cool, but check these out.


and i don't know if you'd want 10,000 free fonts but..

and btw. today, after flipping through some magazines.. the video camera i was rejected for was featured in WIRED AND Computer Arts which makes me a little annoyed cuz now there are gonna be a lot of people who'll get it :( and i wanted firsstttttt [sigh] if only we could capture our ihop experience

lei said...


rachel said...

why are you so cool