Saturday, October 27

Introducing: Jessica

This is Jessica. She wasn't in my other post because.. actually, i dont think i knew her at that point. she doesn't hang out in our group, but youre going to be hearing a lot about her, because she's my show buddy. and i'm certain she will remain my rhode island show buddy. i actually spoke to her briefly online before coming to RISD because she lives in Pasadena (like 30 min from the valley). but we came here and everyone was busy and i never got around to meeting her. but then that one night i went to see Pre by myself at AS220 a few RISD students started talking to me, and hey what do you know, it was jessica. when we were talking and she asked me if ive heard of Mika Miko i knew we were going to get along. plus, her favorite band is like lightningbolt. so basically, she's the only student here i know so far who likes noisy music. Anyways, she went with me to The Looneybin, as well as May N Kevin 4 'Eva (formerly known as Matthewson Loft) (now known as Narwhal Arms).

Speaking of which, i never talked about that show. it was pretty fucking sweet, theres no signs for the place or anything, its just this door in the wall by a bar that leads up a staircase. once inside, it looks kind of like The Smell (brick walls, etc) and the crowd was pretty cool. all of the opening bands were electronic, which was okay (the first one sounded a lot like The Faint), but then it started bringing in all the hipster college kids looking to go clubbing. which didn't exactly make me happy. but oh well, because eventually HEALTH came on, and they played well. the crowd didnt really get into it, but i had a nice discussion with the drummer/bassist about los angeles and all that jazz. while waiting for the next band to come on, which was having difficulty, the cops came and crashed the show, but i managed to run over to the merch table to grab HEALTH's cd, as well as The Mall's cd. The Mall is this band from san francisco that ive been trying to see for soo long now. i found out they played like 15 min before we got there, which made me really mad. but hey, at least i finally had a cd of their music, and holy shit, is it good. i have to say the HEALTH cd is pretty good, but i prefer them live. i dont like the sound of the drums they got on the cd version of Crimewave. but seriously, The Mall, amazing cd. Some tracks below.

♬ The Mall "Acrid"
this is the first song i heard by them, which caught my attention

♬ The Mall "( '''''''' )"
♬ The Mall "Hospital Month"
then these two (played one after another together) just rock my mind

Wednesday, October 24

Noise Diaries #1

♬ Noise Diaries "Microphone 13-25-46"

(as a warning, if you have sensitive ears there are some high frequencies. otherwise, turn the volume up and listen.)

Sunday, October 21

Schedule for Saturday: What really went down

07:45 am - Awake
09:15 am - Bus to New York
12:30 pm - Arrive in New York
01:00 pm - Eat
02:30 pm - HEALTH 02:30 pm: Wander Manhattan
03:15 pm - Mika Miko 03:15 pm: Purchase a light jacket
05:00 pm - Eat; New York Burger
07:00 pm - Arrive at Terminal 5
10:30 pm - Justice 09:30 pm: Justice
11:00 pm - Dance, dance, and dance 09:45 pm: Dance, dance, dance
12:00 am - Eat; Pizza
02:00 am - Sleep like no other
08:00 am - Awake
09:30 am - Return to Providence

So it turns out HEALTH listed the concert date for 10/20 when it was really 10/19. that makes me so sad inside. and i didnt bother checking the date on mika miko's or the bar's website, so i just went by HEALTH's and it was, well, quite over by the time i got there. but alas, i finally acquired a medium-weight jacket (good because its getting COLD here). i think overall i walked 11.5 miles yesterday. and danced relentlessly to justice. my body is telling me "why, why, why?" but my mind is just going "ahhhhfksahjlhdagdagasffd delicisiuhdss"

Oh, and there were babies in costumes. PICTURE TIME:

White Bat Baby plots against...


Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

The most pimped out Domino's Car ever
Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Dylan: "Let me see if i can be like Colie and summon squirrels"

Dylan: "Oh shit it worked"

Dylan: "OH FUCK RUN"

it was fun. and worth my feet being in the worse condition they've probably ever been in. oh and our bus driver got lost on the way there. oh and if youre wondering times square is what would happen if City Walk had a baby with Hollywood + Highland. and then that baby grew REALLY TALL. Now if you'll excuse me, i have an art history midterm tomorrow. whee

Friday, October 19

Schedule for Saturday:

07:45 am - Awake
09:15 am - Bus to New York
12:30 pm - Arrive in New York
01:00 pm - Eat
02:30 pm -
03:15 pm -
Mika Miko
05:00 pm - Eat
07:00 pm - Arrive at Terminal 5
10:30 pm -
11:00 pm - Dance, dance, and dance
02:00 am - Sleep like no other
09:00 am - Awake
10:00 am - Return to Providence

Holy fucking shit

Thursday, October 18

The Looneybin

All photos courtesy of Jessica

Wednesday, October 17

My Night:

At the Looney bin,
by the price rite outta site,
down the alley,
right at the river,
by boyztownXV
ohh, you will hear of this..

Edit: I cannot believe my ears eyes nose EVERYTHINGZOMG

Monday, October 15

The Lowdown: 2D Desgin

2D Design, Matthew Monk
Wednesday, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Ok, so 2D-Design. The first day we had this class i ended up in the wrong building (i still confuse 20 Washinton Place with Prov-Wash all the time). With RISD, everything is basically what it sounds like--in 2D we study, well, two dimensional elements and how the relate to design, both in terms of form and function (yada yada yada). So let me catch you up on what we've been doing.
First off, my teacher, i swear to god:

Don Knotts


Billy Bob Thornton

But he's the nicest guy. in fact, i think he's my favorite teacher, he used to be the head of the graphic design department, but this is his first year teaching foundation students. Now the work--each week we have a project that we're working on, usually very graphic designed orientated, and in addition we have 15 drawings due based on a theme.

Week 1 Highlights
The first week we took 30 logos, and cropped them in order to abstract them, but make sure they retain their meaning. In addition, 15 drawings based on the theme of unusual resources. I only have a few sketchbook drawings, because, well, the cropped logos just werent worth scanning. People got really creative with their sketchbook pieces. I went out of my way to avoid using food so my sketchbook wouldnt smell, but that didnt stop some people. the weirdest stuff, my god.

Week 2 Highlights
We took the cropped logos from the first week, chose one to work with, and blew it up to approximately 30 inches, using black acrylic. Anyways, it had to be exact, and the final result is pretty cool in real life. Sorry the photo is awkward, it was hard to capture a piece that big in a room so small with no where to put it and no real lights. We then chose another single logo to work with, and had to do 25 "Create" and 25 "destroy" pieces based on the logo. You'd think this would be easy. But after like 10 destroys, youre like HOW THE FUCK ELSE CAN I DESTROY A LOGO. The sketchbook theme was repetition. Don't judge me on these, theyre typically done in one or two nights at 2:00 am in a flurry to get my homework done and into bed. D:

i'm not an angry person, i swear

Week 3 Highlights
We turned in our 25 create and 25 destroy, and then had to fix whatever we did poorly, I put a few up so you could get the idea. We also created these black and white geometric compositions all based on a single grid, using tracing paper. We had to do two series and two sequences, each containing 5 compositions. Again, this is the early part of the project and i didnt bother photographing them. Sketchbook theme of music.

this one is me at my artistic peak.

Week 4 Highlights
We took the 20 geometric compositions we did last week, chose one set and one sequence (1o compositions total) and cut them out of black and white museum board to make 6"x6" pieces. The sketchbook theme was color.

i am amazing.

So that's it so far, ill try to update each class weekly so you can see what's goin down. Anndd yeah, next class: Drawing