Thursday, October 4


My return to blogspot. I'm going to be using this one to generally keep track of my school life and so i don't have to write 2 hours letters to every one of my friends detailing Rhode Island and its crevices (oh that sounds dirty). Unlike FREAKFOLK.blogspot, this blog will be somewhat understandable. I know, i prefer the vagueness of my old blog, but that just isnt going to cut it for this one. So no more two sentence posts about anthropology. But there will be lots of pictures. probably even more than before. I ordered my new (well first) (first digital, that is) camera today, as to give updates on my artwork (what i believe will become the primary focus of this). So that's exciting. Anyways, FREAKFOLK lasted about 1.5 months (a record for me), but i hope to go longer with this one. The fact that other people actually know about it will probably help me with that.

So, with that, IEATNOISE exists
To record thoughts, images, sounds
And general happenings
For future reference



SNJ said...

omfg HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

<33333333 AHHh!!!!

lei said...