Thursday, October 11

The Lowdown: Friends

Aight, so my last post left off with my California background. Now we need to get a bit of Rhode Island background before we can get going. Plus, im going to be referring to these people quite a bit probably, so this will act as a nice picture guide for future reference.

These are my main homies here, theyre all pretty chill. in fact, we're pretty dang awesome. we eat a lot of food together.

This is my roommate Anson. He's from Hong Kong, which automaticlly qualifies him for badass status. This is me asking him to make his rockstar pose. Well, not really. but it is his rockstar pose. Like, if we were ever in a band superior to Muse, and had to pose for a magazine, it would be like this. He has a shiny red electric guitar and clear mini amp, which he lets me use, which is pretty sweet. and we get along well, which is always good. plus, he's from hong kong.

This is neal. HES FROM FUCKING HAWAII. hes pretty freaking amazing. Not only is he the best photographer ive ever known (not going into photo major however), but he can cook too. YES. he always puts together the best places at the Met (cafeteria). and we're brothers.

This is Eunie (left) and Lily (right). Its the only fairly clear polaroid that i have right now. They're both asian. Eunie listens to animal collective and Lily loves harry potter. actually, they both like harry potter. a lot. and lily checks food blogs, which automatically makes her A-Okay.

This is Alex. He's asian. and a pretty good graphic designer. AND DID I MENTION HE CAN FLY? well not really. but still, he's probably the nicest person i know here, and that's definitely worth something.

This is Taryn (with Lily and Alex). She's asian. JAPANESE even. OH, and she's from hawaii. she went to school with neal. everyone went to school in hawaii. its really bizarre. she has a cream-yellow telecaster at home, which makes her cool in my book. and she has amazing glasses.

This is Mike. he isnt asian. which is good, because i was starting to feel racist for a while there, me 'n my azn crew. He's really tall. Like, really tall. But boy does he have some crazy dance moves. Not to mention the sweetest room, which he shares with...

Caleb. He isn't asian either, which is pretty sweet. I automatically have respect for anyone who can beat me in Super Smash Bros., which Caleb has proved. But oh, i wont let it happen again. we played freeze tag on Brown University's lawn with him, and he's like a fucking lion. always guarding his prey. deng.

so these are my main homies, and we're awesome. no substitute for california, but we get by. Plus, when you have Mario Kart 64 and a few controllers, theres really nothing else that you could really need. I predict next blog update will be saturday or sunday, the Red Bull soapbox race is coming to town. OH, AND HEALTH.


Brian said...

HEALTH album is so gud to my ears!

I was starting to wonder if you went to an all azn college but then I saw them whities.

SNJ said...

Dylan.....I think I'm azn. D: cool pics haeasggt7icxh IM POSTING ON MY FRICKIN WII

kouturegirl said...

look @ all the water bottles!

&shexy post.

but where r U in all the azn-ness?!

Brian said...

I'm goign to add your blog to my friend list.

You should feel special.