Saturday, October 27

Introducing: Jessica

This is Jessica. She wasn't in my other post because.. actually, i dont think i knew her at that point. she doesn't hang out in our group, but youre going to be hearing a lot about her, because she's my show buddy. and i'm certain she will remain my rhode island show buddy. i actually spoke to her briefly online before coming to RISD because she lives in Pasadena (like 30 min from the valley). but we came here and everyone was busy and i never got around to meeting her. but then that one night i went to see Pre by myself at AS220 a few RISD students started talking to me, and hey what do you know, it was jessica. when we were talking and she asked me if ive heard of Mika Miko i knew we were going to get along. plus, her favorite band is like lightningbolt. so basically, she's the only student here i know so far who likes noisy music. Anyways, she went with me to The Looneybin, as well as May N Kevin 4 'Eva (formerly known as Matthewson Loft) (now known as Narwhal Arms).

Speaking of which, i never talked about that show. it was pretty fucking sweet, theres no signs for the place or anything, its just this door in the wall by a bar that leads up a staircase. once inside, it looks kind of like The Smell (brick walls, etc) and the crowd was pretty cool. all of the opening bands were electronic, which was okay (the first one sounded a lot like The Faint), but then it started bringing in all the hipster college kids looking to go clubbing. which didn't exactly make me happy. but oh well, because eventually HEALTH came on, and they played well. the crowd didnt really get into it, but i had a nice discussion with the drummer/bassist about los angeles and all that jazz. while waiting for the next band to come on, which was having difficulty, the cops came and crashed the show, but i managed to run over to the merch table to grab HEALTH's cd, as well as The Mall's cd. The Mall is this band from san francisco that ive been trying to see for soo long now. i found out they played like 15 min before we got there, which made me really mad. but hey, at least i finally had a cd of their music, and holy shit, is it good. i have to say the HEALTH cd is pretty good, but i prefer them live. i dont like the sound of the drums they got on the cd version of Crimewave. but seriously, The Mall, amazing cd. Some tracks below.

♬ The Mall "Acrid"
this is the first song i heard by them, which caught my attention

♬ The Mall "( '''''''' )"
♬ The Mall "Hospital Month"
then these two (played one after another together) just rock my mind


colie said...

wait how the hell do people in RI (who fucking go to RISD) not like/listen to lightning bolt...

SNJ said...

Yeah, I mean the fucking marching band played 13 monsters!!!!?!?!?!!

RISD ppls man...what's up?

Cool new concert buddy! I wanna meet her. DYLAN WTF MELT BANANA IS NOT PLAYING LA. D:

Closet show is in San Diego. GUHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHNO!!!!!!

I agree with you on the HEALTH album, It's really good, but the drums are like...not as good. The original Crimewave I had before the album is a lot better.

The mall! I just downloaded them. Can't wait to hear them.


Wait, cops busted up a show? wtf? Why? Was it a house?


colie said...

greg and i are going to kidnap you and take you back to l.a. (where you belong). we will lure you in with moose tracks and kittens...and magic. so i suggest you pack up and start stocking up on carbs and cutting back on the benefiber (bathroom breaks are UNACCEPTABLE).
also, you're going to have to drive us back there, because greg nor i can drive yet...

sleep with one eye open, dylan.

PURPLE said...

i know, right? although ive noticed, all the noise shows i go to i see the same people. so there is a noise crowd...just as far as i know, its upperclassmen.

moose tracks.
i came THIS CLOSE to buying some the other day. i failed. i wanted to try it because i realized ive never had it, and we discussed it that day as we drove to disneyland. ill drive you guys back, dont worry. when i get back, all i want to do is drive you guys around for hours on end.