Sunday, October 21

Schedule for Saturday: What really went down

07:45 am - Awake
09:15 am - Bus to New York
12:30 pm - Arrive in New York
01:00 pm - Eat
02:30 pm - HEALTH 02:30 pm: Wander Manhattan
03:15 pm - Mika Miko 03:15 pm: Purchase a light jacket
05:00 pm - Eat; New York Burger
07:00 pm - Arrive at Terminal 5
10:30 pm - Justice 09:30 pm: Justice
11:00 pm - Dance, dance, and dance 09:45 pm: Dance, dance, dance
12:00 am - Eat; Pizza
02:00 am - Sleep like no other
08:00 am - Awake
09:30 am - Return to Providence

So it turns out HEALTH listed the concert date for 10/20 when it was really 10/19. that makes me so sad inside. and i didnt bother checking the date on mika miko's or the bar's website, so i just went by HEALTH's and it was, well, quite over by the time i got there. but alas, i finally acquired a medium-weight jacket (good because its getting COLD here). i think overall i walked 11.5 miles yesterday. and danced relentlessly to justice. my body is telling me "why, why, why?" but my mind is just going "ahhhhfksahjlhdagdagasffd delicisiuhdss"

Oh, and there were babies in costumes. PICTURE TIME:

White Bat Baby plots against...


Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

The most pimped out Domino's Car ever
Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Photo: Eunie

Dylan: "Let me see if i can be like Colie and summon squirrels"

Dylan: "Oh shit it worked"

Dylan: "OH FUCK RUN"

it was fun. and worth my feet being in the worse condition they've probably ever been in. oh and our bus driver got lost on the way there. oh and if youre wondering times square is what would happen if City Walk had a baby with Hollywood + Highland. and then that baby grew REALLY TALL. Now if you'll excuse me, i have an art history midterm tomorrow. whee


SNJ said...

White baby Batman has NO MUSCLE as compared with the black baby batman. White baby gonna get hurt.

DUDE...RI is COOl.

PURPLE said...

lawl but that was ny??

Lola la la said...

omgosh NY NY NY!!!!
&cute babies!

this post got me all sweaty

haha btw r u thin_ice? (

PURPLE said...

yea yea yea yaeahhyuhh

lei said...

lol @ the babies

Vivian is vulgar said...

oh hello!
children are pretty nice.

ALSO I love Colie's squirrel noise!

PURPLE said...

its the most amazing thing ever, is it not?

SNJ said...


Lonna said...

Keep up the good work.