Thursday, April 30

underestimating finals keeps me stress freeeee

Wednesday, April 29

A Work in Progress

Time for some finallllssss, y'knoww?

Tuesday, April 28


(More @ da snes bloog)

Sunday, April 26

Sketch Book Pages

ill try to keep puttin these up occasionally, now that ive discovered the wonderful scanner in the FAV lab that makes life oh-so-easy. also, its a bitch to color correct these pages, so im not going to even bother.

Saturday, April 25

My recent obsession with large sandwiches appears to be more than just a fleeting love affair, as things like this usually go with me. Im seeing how far i can push these huge sandwiches before the met ladies start charging me for a bar plate instead of a side bowl. and then what comes after that? only time will tell. I made a beautiful sandwich on Thursday for consuming during a class screening. It was big enough that my met box wouldnt close, and i almost couldnt finish it. Unfortunately I hadn't predicted the problem of layers and layers of sweet, sweet crunchy onions combined with the quiet atmosphere of two documentary films. i will make note of this for future reference.

Unfortunately I couldnt get a photo of the thursday sandwich, but I do have some from my friday sandwich. And while this is a departure from my current fat sandwich obsession (hard to build a massive sandwich at Carr Haus, ill have to find a way around this eventually), i still dig a beautiful, simple sandwich. and man, just try to look at this sandwich and not salivate.

oh baby

and yes, i am writting about sandwiches on my saturday night. but its out of procrastination, not desperation. really.

(and maybe just a little bit of love, too.)

Wednesday, April 22

Fort Gloom Production Stills

As usual, it's taken me a super long time to get around to this. This was what enveloped my life for about 4 weeks back during November/December.

Also, some pictures of Justin and his radical set.

We worked so beautifully together.

Monday, April 20

Dialogue Exercise


Sunday, April 19

Weekend of Self Indulgence

I really don't write much about my life any more in this. I guess I just dont really have time any more for writting about stuff like this, i dont even really have time for the things I like to do anymore. These past two months have been really hard on me, and I think I've upset a lot of people, but it's just a really weird time for me. Im sorry if anyone thinks ive been ignoring them or anything, I just haven't really been doing anything but work, endlessly, in my room, by myself. Things are starting to get better though, and despite endless work, I managed to fit a lot of self indulgence into this weekend.

Start off Friday at Carr Haus, where I for the first time realized I could make simple iced cafe mochas that taste superb. It was a simple pleasure, but set the tone for a nice weekend. Follow up with this beautiful beautiful sandwich from Geoff's (yes, those are whole green olives in there). I'm not the biggest fan of Geoff's, but I have to say this one was pretty fantastic--probably the best one I've had from there. I'll have to look up its name again. Not to mention the weather was fantastic on friday. That's another reason why it's been so hard lately, all i really want to do is go for bike rides, but I'm tragically stuck in this room staring a florescent-lit light table. It gets very frustrating.

My new RAM also came in the mail, which is exciting. I realized I havent upgraded (or even considered upgrading, for that matter) my computer since I built it in 2007. And this wasnt even really necessary, and I wasnt planning on it, but with a $20 sale + free shipping for 4gb, how can you say no? In the process, I also realized 1.) how much dust has collected in my computer and 2.) how awesome my old ram looks. I wish I didnt have to change it, plus that line of G-Skill is so much more legit than this cheap Corsair. Oh well.

New boring RAM

Old sexy RAM

On another note, I finally finished that dialogue sequence that has eveloped my life for the past two weeks. It has literally drained my life force, and getting through the rest of the year is going to be really tough. It's okay though, I think I'm finally back on the up after a two month spiral of apathy with no direciton. Things are getting (slightly) better, for the most part, and I am excited for final projects. I just have to make it through a few more weeks without losing it.

My soul is in there somewhere

I rewarded myself today with another monster sandwich, although this one was from the Met, but equally delicious. I've been really into these massive meat sandwiches lately, which is different from what I normally like. I tend to lean toward masses of vegies with a few slices of meat, but all I really just want are mounds of meat in my sandwiches right now, which is something im really enjoying. Still, even after finishing that dialogue, I had an animal animation sequence to finish for Monday, whichh I just completed. At least, the rough draft, I'm sure I'll have to change things around after I finish shooting it in a few hours. We'll see, I really need a break from animating, I haven't left my desk for the past few weeks. Jesus, why cant I left this desk.

Monday, April 13



I went to the zoo today. More on that later. When my skull doesnt feel like imploding from the exponentially increasing outside pressure.

Thursday, April 9


I'm finally using my domain for something legit. Something I can show people! And as a result, I'm extremely far behind on my schoolwork now. But hey! At least something's up there now. Check it out, tell me what you think. I know it load kind of slow right now, I still have to go through and convert a bunch of the images, but I'll get around to that later. Also, please let me know about any broken links, typos, weird browser/resolution issues, etc.

Wednesday, April 8

Fort Gloom

Yes, I finally finished and uploaded my puppet final from last fall. There were just a few minor tweaks that needed to be done, and its just taken me this long to get around to doing them. I actually don't think I've showed this to most of you, so that's exciting. I'll get some production photos up at some point..I still haven't even really looked at them in retrospect really. Shooting this project was a weekend of no sleep and once I got passed it I never really looked back. But if i remember correctly, there were some cool pictures. Anyways, I've forgotten approximate times of things by now, but i think it was roughly 1 week for the puppet, 3 god forsaken weeks for the set (why did I do that to myself?), and then like 3 straight all nighters for shooting. What a journey. But that will be a story for another day. Please, let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 7


Sound-sync exercise for animation last fall. The fun part about this was that no computers were used for visual or audio effects (besides editing and assembly im Premier, of course). Animation was done by moving reflective sheets of paper around under the camera, while audio was just a mass of old drum synths and pedals. Fun fun.

Friday, April 3

Video Project 03: Rhythm

Dedicated to Greg