Tuesday, July 29

Post Show Feet

Good shows are hard to come by nowadays.

Friday, July 25

Lunch Today

I wanted a hardcore Met sandwich so badly today. But that would be impossible, so I made myself a home sandwich. With olives, courtesy of my uncle.

Wednesday, July 23

Noise Diaries #18

New electro fatness ive been occupying my time with since ive rediscovered the keyboard under my bed.

Noise Diaries- Duck's Big Adventure

Monday, July 21

Blind Portraits

First Semester Drawing

Wednesday, July 16

Noise Diaries #17

New, peaceful noise diary. What I do with my summer days now. Done live, all sounds generated by one person.

Noise Diaries- Basket Weaving

Life Drawing 1

First Semester Life Drawing

Tuesday, July 8

Noise Diaries #16

Finally finished my mixer (or got it in good working condition). There was a slight planning problem but it's nothing that can't be fixed later. Here's some new harsh noise in honor of the mixer, now that i can finally do multiple layers with no post production.

Noise Diaries- Woven Goose II

Planes and Lines

I just stumbled upon some photos of that one 2D piece that was destined for destruction, taken from my little old room. It's gone forever now.

Sunday, July 6

Wednesday, July 2

Notebook Excerpts #1

I got a 46-hit spike on monday out of the blue. It was very odd. I guess this means i should get back to updating this. No, I haven't been busy. Just really lazy. This is a series ive been meaning to get around to, various pages scanned from my miscellaneous liberal arts notebooks. I have a lot more to scan. Maybe I'll follow through on it, especially now that i've nubmered it. It gives me an incentive to. Notebook Exceprts #1, Logic Class I.