Wednesday, July 2

Notebook Excerpts #1

I got a 46-hit spike on monday out of the blue. It was very odd. I guess this means i should get back to updating this. No, I haven't been busy. Just really lazy. This is a series ive been meaning to get around to, various pages scanned from my miscellaneous liberal arts notebooks. I have a lot more to scan. Maybe I'll follow through on it, especially now that i've nubmered it. It gives me an incentive to. Notebook Exceprts #1, Logic Class I.


Lily said...

buying supplies and books at risd will not be as expensive since alex works there now. yay praise the lord

Lo said...

this is wonderful.

i'm right there next to Deep Fried Shit :]

ctrlz said...

i totally noticed that man with the huge crotch bulge. and quickly after that, i felt like a total perv. are you glad that you made me feel like a perv? thanks dylan. no risd store discount for you. :)

ctrlz said...

btw. i feel so powerful now.
it's like..

you HAVE to be my friend, no matter what!
or i will take away that 20% discount :P