Monday, August 8

no matter how down ur feeling, beatles always save the day -- thanx parents

Wednesday, August 3


Hey whoops hi everyone -- still here. can anyone even still read this? does anyone still read this? i think by now ive lost u all, which is good, so i can just write (almost) wwhatever. surprisingly this blog still gets a lot of hits, but they all get forwarded to the "new place." a few things:

1. YO OTTAWA U SERIOUS? O WELL ill go and use your drink tickets anyways, can refuse a free drink. on a brighter note, Dragoncon, here I come. BRING ON THE ELVES

2. kind of sucks that you can just straight up ignore me after all that time and shit that happened, but whatever as long as youre happy i guess, which is what you deserve. i did try though, just wish i knew what the fuck was going on sometimes (7 months???). oh well, c'est la vie, and being down is good inspiration for new material, right? "Friends forever" yaa sure..

3. i think i will be home soon though for a visit within the month, so im really glad ill get to see a bunch of people who i really miss. hopefully get to see some shows, definitely go to disneyland.. get some corndogs. idk. CA is normally really annoying to me but im pretty excited for this trip. Now that i dont really "live" there it makes it have so much more value or something. JC MY HOMIE U if youre reading this u better be in LA sometime soon so we can finish silent hill. anyways, keep an eye out, ill let yall know when plans are finalized.

4. PVD is weird, empty, good, bad, i dont even know. I think im really into it, but we'll have to see. Made some fund$ but theyre starting to run low. plane tickets are so expensive... luv ma homies but need more friends that will actually go places.

5. gonna try to update this more often, good journal source now that (i dont think) anybody really is paying attention/has access to this anymore.

6. somebody hire me

also, watch this, i dont really know why. that voice..