Sunday, September 27

Hey Guys

remember when i used to put my work on this blog?

Saturday, September 26

Summer Food

The rest of what we were eating before late studio nights:

The Return of Sushi Night
I missed first sushi night, but i heard there was a lot of sushi involved. There was still a lot leftover this time as well, as we had a hard time conquering Mt.Sushi. Kayla, head sushi chef, got really nice sashimi tuna cuts from whole foods, which i will probably never taste again. We ended up with three or four different rolls, each involving tuna or spicy tuna in some variation with avocado. There was an extreme miso soup...lots of vegetables and bits and bops, a hearty American take on miso soup, that was very warming. Loose leaf green tea, and a cabbage salad (for dessert?). As an appetizer with the miso, I also made some tsukemono for the first time, a lightly pickled cucumber dish that I was pretty happy with. The major tragedy of the night was the lack of wasabi, and the fact that we have no normal soy sauce in our house (a problem that still needs to be remedied). Only weird smokey soy sauce from New Asian Market and some horrible mushroom soy sauce. An awkward combination of sriracha and amino (funny soy sauce substitute) sort of worked, but I would have preferred my kikoman.

miso pot

miso bowl

also, a cat was involved

Roast Chicken
Picked up a roast chicken from whole foods, served with potato leek soup made from scratch by jeremy and chris, soup masters. There was also lots of gravy. I only got before and after pictures of the chicken though, so you'll have to use your imagination. The remants of the chicken served as a great broth the next day for chicken noodle soup from scratch, involving homemade noodles via chris. Fat, fat, funny, delicious, noodles.

Taco Snack
I dont even really remember what was in these, but they were delicious and jeremy and i ate 4 or 5 each, followed by half a burrito with the remaining mix. Perfect with some lime, and a good excuse to get rid of mediocre tortillas.

Monday, September 21

luv dat studio mix

Wednesday, September 16

Ready For The School Year

gettin excited

100 pages of animation done tonight
keep the steam rollin
look at my beautiful carpet.

Thursday, September 10

food from the summer

5200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

One of my favorite places to eat this summer, conveniently located right by my work. I wish I had more of an excuse to eat there, but no one would ever drive into the city so I'd always end up just grabbing something for myself on the way home. Below is the appetizer plate #2(for two, although it's easily enough for four), and has everything that you would ever want. Memelitas, deliciously fat and grilled corn cakes, served with tsajo (grilled beef), the best quesadilla i think i've ever had, a chile relleno, fried pork skin, all served with this amazing stringy oaxacan cheese, a black bean sauce, and a guacamole that they do not skimp out on (even with everything they give you to put it on, I've never actually ran out of it).

I'm not sure if it's "proper" to combine it all, but it doesn't really matter, because together it makes the best sopes i've had since I was a kid. Okay well, it's probably the only sopes I've had since I was a kid and we tragically moved away from our neighbors/landlords, this Mexican couple who used to cook the most delicious food. Why are sopes so delicious, yet so hard to find? Together it all just makes a super delicious corn-cake cocktail of meat, cheese, and nostalgia, and I can't wait to go back more when I return for the winter. Also worthy of being mentioned, they have one of the best horchatas i've ever had, served with bits of melon and almonds inside, if I'm remembering correctly, something excitingly new and tasty to me. I also owe a big thanks to Allyn, who enlightened me to look into los angeles oaxacan restaurants. Long story short, friends of the valley, it is well worth the 20-minute drive to melrose to eat this, so get on it.

sooo goood i missss you

somewhere around

I know the idea of sushi from a truck is something really unappealing, but the Fishlips sushi truck has some pretty good sushi, considering its coming out a truck. Just look at how cute their little temari sushi balls are! Everything I tasted from there was fresh and delicious, and I have no complaints about it. What really caught my eye on the menu was the tropical salmon roll (avocado, cucumber, asparagus, kaiware, yama-gobo, bell pepper, salmon, lemon, mango, ponzu sauce), but they were all out of it when we got there (the downside of serving out of a truck), so I settled for the shrimp caterpillar roll instead. Guy and Jake got these little sets that were a really good value (temari sushi + california/spicy/or crunchy roll for $6-8). When we went they were parked right outside of CSUN, making it a convenient, quick, tasty and fairly cheap sushi expedition, so go find out where they are and get some sushi.

armenian sushi eater

Too much writing about food im hungry now, i think jeremy is making vegetable broth it smells delicious so im going to go.

Wednesday, September 9

is it cold? is it hot?
o providence, you will always keep me guessing

Saturday, September 5

Other Things

I'm back in providence, so come visit me. School doesnt start for a week and a half, which gives me lots of free time, something im really enjoying. i know i spent the entire summer sitting at home doing nothing, but i finally feel like im able to relax, while at home i just felt like i was wasting time. its really hot in my room right now, but once september is over ill be thankful for it.

I only went to disneyland three times this summer. but i did renew my annual pass. My new picture is wack. Our trips included lots of chimichanga eating, and jalapeno cheese pretzel eating. There was lots of eating other things, too, like clam chowder. But that was just alright (an unfortunately bad decision over the gumbo). Other things ingested include: churros, cobb salad(s), cold coffee, lots of hot coffee, apple pie, beef gumbo, pickles, and ice cream. I wanted to get a corn dog too, but never got around to it. I was also really bad at taking pictures of everything.

Perfect fried lunch in a perfect fake saloon

Some first-bite action

And as usual, our trip was pretttyyy crazy.

Im glad i got to go on Pinnochio before I left (which was clsoed for the first half of the summer). Also, crazy empty the last day we went, which was nice. 25-min wait for space mountain at noon, first ride of the day, a pretty rare occurence. New small world is pretty dope too, although I think it was already like that when I went in the spring...but whatever, go on it, sweet escape from the heat. Also, conveniently located right next to a churro stand.

Back home, I guess my city is on fire right now. Or at least the mountains next door to my city. Whatever, but it looked pretty sweet driving home at night, as you were merging onto the 210-W it almost looked like you were driving right into the depths of Mordor. I liked to play lightningbolt loudly and drive really fast and pretend something really big was about to happen whenever i drove home, which is something I'll actually miss. I will not, however, miss the freeways heading into the valley, where I probably spent the majority of my summer. In traffic. With no air conditioning.

But its getting better, somtehing like 45% contained now, which is a lot better than the 5% when I was leaving. Which is cool, because breathing kind of sucked when I was there.

Back to providence, our house was really gross, but is a lot better now, so I think Lily can visit. Like I said, im not really doing anything, which is really nice, I have a lot of small things I want to finish before school starts. We picked up an old four track tape recorder and this sweet old VHS camera from 2nd life yesterday--the camera is totally 90s pro-grade, so lots of good stuff will be coming from those. Also, live dance remixes of middle eastern casette tapes played through a bunch of analog effects(??) Picked up this really sweet childrens book called Chimpsey at Play today from some place on Wickenden I'd never been, really sweet illustrations by Dic Loscalzo. I love how they tell the story, too. A good excuse to learn how to use my new (old) scanner/printer/whatever i found at the end of last year. Apparently, it works.

But now that I'm back, i should hopefully update more often. Something about having no free time makes me want to update more than when I have absolutely nothing to do.