Saturday, September 26

Summer Food

The rest of what we were eating before late studio nights:

The Return of Sushi Night
I missed first sushi night, but i heard there was a lot of sushi involved. There was still a lot leftover this time as well, as we had a hard time conquering Mt.Sushi. Kayla, head sushi chef, got really nice sashimi tuna cuts from whole foods, which i will probably never taste again. We ended up with three or four different rolls, each involving tuna or spicy tuna in some variation with avocado. There was an extreme miso soup...lots of vegetables and bits and bops, a hearty American take on miso soup, that was very warming. Loose leaf green tea, and a cabbage salad (for dessert?). As an appetizer with the miso, I also made some tsukemono for the first time, a lightly pickled cucumber dish that I was pretty happy with. The major tragedy of the night was the lack of wasabi, and the fact that we have no normal soy sauce in our house (a problem that still needs to be remedied). Only weird smokey soy sauce from New Asian Market and some horrible mushroom soy sauce. An awkward combination of sriracha and amino (funny soy sauce substitute) sort of worked, but I would have preferred my kikoman.

miso pot

miso bowl

also, a cat was involved

Roast Chicken
Picked up a roast chicken from whole foods, served with potato leek soup made from scratch by jeremy and chris, soup masters. There was also lots of gravy. I only got before and after pictures of the chicken though, so you'll have to use your imagination. The remants of the chicken served as a great broth the next day for chicken noodle soup from scratch, involving homemade noodles via chris. Fat, fat, funny, delicious, noodles.

Taco Snack
I dont even really remember what was in these, but they were delicious and jeremy and i ate 4 or 5 each, followed by half a burrito with the remaining mix. Perfect with some lime, and a good excuse to get rid of mediocre tortillas.

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