Sunday, October 26

Old Baby Walk Test

Wednesday, October 22

Lily's Grilled Cheese

Lily's dual grilled cheeses. Mine (green) was cheddar, hers (yellow), i believe, was jarlsberg. I give it an A+.

Tuesday, October 21


Friday, October 17

Puppet Part II-VI

Part II
Wire + Balsa Wood Armature
Part III
Foam Body
Part IV
Pantyhose Skin
Part V
Latex, Paint, and Clothing
Part VI
Final Puppet with Clothing

Thursday, October 16

Did you know

That little girl?

Sunday, October 12

Temporary Hiatus

I had a surprise,
what a pleasant surprise.
But the surprise is gone now,
I guess I'll go back to blogging,
or something like that.

Monday, October 6

A Tribute to Spike's: The Final Meals

Dylan's Dog
It was called like a '69 Chevy or something I think. Melted cheese, bacon, honey mustard. Not my favorite hot dog I've gotten from there, but still delicious (of course, how could it not be)

Joseph's Dog
Ill have to ask him what was on it, because i really have no recollection. From the picture, I would say bacon, mustard, and cheese, although im sure theres more to it than that because I know he didnt get what I got.

Lily's Dog
Hers was something like the Lone Ranger I think. It had BBQ sauce.

Its a shame i cant remember the names of everything everyone had, because im sure they were all clever puns of some sort, and i think this blog could use more puns. Oh well. And after looking at this blog, i have to say that this food is very yellow.

Sunday, October 5

Puppet Part I

Current sick status: Painfully runny nose, potentially small fever

Saturday, October 4

So my sickness has been subsiding. I plan to be back to normal hopefully by tomorrow. In the meantime since ive been gone, ive been on a rampage all week trying to get my computer re-fixed. I decided to reformat and reinstall another copy of windows last saturday, and all was going well. it was running beautifully as a matter of fact, until sunday, when it all went to hell, and basically have had no good working copy of windows since then. Ive spent the past week battling it (along with my fever), and finally fixed the problem today only by completely reformatting everything i had done, making my efforts last week useless. But at least i have a working platform again.

i picked up a cheap trigger finger from craigslist today. im really excited about that.

ive also changed the way i do my noise diaries. I got a tumblr which im uploading basically everything i do to, rather than the occasional noise diary that i post on here. it more sketchy and just sort of a way for me to keep track of things, but if i actually put a lot of work into a song or something itll still most likely be noted here. its moslty for people like lei. and by people like lei i mean pretty just just lei. i also have a tumblr for art stuff too now, but chances are anything art that goes on there will be here as well. anyways, is where the fatness is at.

Wednesday, October 1