Monday, October 6

A Tribute to Spike's: The Final Meals

Dylan's Dog
It was called like a '69 Chevy or something I think. Melted cheese, bacon, honey mustard. Not my favorite hot dog I've gotten from there, but still delicious (of course, how could it not be)

Joseph's Dog
Ill have to ask him what was on it, because i really have no recollection. From the picture, I would say bacon, mustard, and cheese, although im sure theres more to it than that because I know he didnt get what I got.

Lily's Dog
Hers was something like the Lone Ranger I think. It had BBQ sauce.

Its a shame i cant remember the names of everything everyone had, because im sure they were all clever puns of some sort, and i think this blog could use more puns. Oh well. And after looking at this blog, i have to say that this food is very yellow.

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Lily said...

joeys has mustard bacon and cheese
mine was called the texas ranger
i am still awake.