Saturday, June 28


everyone. are you fucking kidding me.


Sunday, June 22

Noise Diaries #15

Current noise. I have so much old stuff to upload im really not going to bother, it wont make a difference. Plus the only person who downloads it has it all now, so theres no point. Maybe one day it will find its way here. Heres some ugly harsh sounds to celebrate this summer heat. Oh yeah, im using a direct player so no one has to worry about being lazy and downloading shit. Isnt that spluffy?

Noise Diaries- Woven Goose I

edit: tell me if the player is loading for you guys. It seems to be working in some browsers but not so well in some others. Opera seems to be fine but firefox tends to be kind of twitchy. So let me know if its working for you or not. thonks.
edit 2: fixed, i think.


Absolutely wonderful.

Tuesday, June 17


Okay. Summer. I wanted to start off with a nice long road trip post, but Guy has my SD card and hes in San Jose, so I wont have those pics for a while (preview belowbelow). But that's okay, because theres a million other things i still have to put up here from RISD. Anyways, so I've been back for about 2-3 weeks now. I've spent my time sitting around, generally doing nothing. I've finally finished my (simple) audio mixer, and am one step closer to making music with Lei. I just need to wait until my amp gets back from the "shop" (a guy named Peter. Or Kevin). I finished my telephone mic. I'll probably make another. I went to Jo-Anne's fabric! Did I spell that right? That store is amazing--you don't have to get a minimum of 1 yard of fabric cut! Like the sale section at that one place in rhode island. Anyways, so i started patching my pants (very necessary).

Ive spent a lot of time with my friends, but really only a few of them. Mostly Jake and Greg and Rachel and John and Zach and some other lovelies. Where are the rest of you? I havent seen you. We should do something. I've also noticed a slow (but steady) increase of views this past week, which i presume has something to do with school ending this past week or so. New Toy Story ride opens. I'm very excited for that. There's not much to do here. I miss risd where i could amble around and always end up somewhere with something to do. Here i just walk around the house and stare at my dogs. Although I must admit, that is fun in its own right.

That's basically been my summer so far. I had that internship planned, but the animation company is waiting on this contract and basically has zero work right now, so that fell through. Which means I'm most likely going to be looking for a job. Whee. We also might be moving. Well we are moving. For sure. We just don't know where yet. But that will be in a few weeks. I haven't done art in a while. I think I'll do some of that to pass the time. Later posts with lots of pretty pictures and pretty projects and harsh sounds.


Saturday, June 7


yes, i am still alive. the trip home was fun, and ive spent the past week recovering and going about doing various home-y things. Ive dont my annual get-sick-after-school thing. Ive gone to Disneyland twice. I got a nutburger at Follow Your Heart. All is well. There'll be a nice detailed update soon involved tons of pictures from the drive and all other sorts of shenanigans. That will come later. This, for now, is just a status update.