Sunday, June 22

Noise Diaries #15

Current noise. I have so much old stuff to upload im really not going to bother, it wont make a difference. Plus the only person who downloads it has it all now, so theres no point. Maybe one day it will find its way here. Heres some ugly harsh sounds to celebrate this summer heat. Oh yeah, im using a direct player so no one has to worry about being lazy and downloading shit. Isnt that spluffy?

Noise Diaries- Woven Goose I

edit: tell me if the player is loading for you guys. It seems to be working in some browsers but not so well in some others. Opera seems to be fine but firefox tends to be kind of twitchy. So let me know if its working for you or not. thonks.
edit 2: fixed, i think.


Lily said...


Lily said...

sorry, that was probably the most anticlimactic comment of all time, but i was only thinking about how i am going to be at red robin in like 15 minutes.