Thursday, May 22

Tuesday, May 20

Noise Diaries #14

Harsh noise from the end of march. This is still probably my favorite collection of harsh noise ive done. Which means you should listen to it. Only 20 minutes, at least give the first side a try. Seriously.

♬ Noise Diaries Boat Boat Boat Side A (12.27)
♬ Noise Diaries Boat Boat Boat Side B (6:00)

Sunday, May 18


This was a while ago, but man that was an epic meal. It needed to be shared.




Oh baby.


And Jess's wonderful pancakes. Ah.

Lily, I have a lot of your food pictures. You should get them.

Friday, May 16


Out (for summer). After a week of no sleep and my room turning into a destructive mess (see picture), I've finally finished. It was funny, handing in my Logic final and excitedly leaving the building, bursting out of the doors only to find it was a cool 54 degrees outside with a slight drizzle. I don't think I've ever had the first taste of "summer freedom" when it's still cold and wet outside. This east coast shit is weird.

Comic #1

Wednesday, May 14

Noise Diaries #13

Gosh I'm so far behind I forgot where I left off. I think this is the proper one in the semi-chronological order I'm trying to follow. From the very end of March. Drone, followed by drone, followed by some really long, droney-drone, then maybe a dash of noise. As usual, it should be listened to very loud. I know, track 4 is too long. Even for me. What the fuck was I thinking. I don't know why i bother with these anymore anyways, Lei's internet isn't working.

♬ Noise Diaries Leaves and Dirt Leaves and Dirt.rar

(its big, so prepare yourself. 55mb RAR file. But i think filedropper is pretty fast. It took like 30 seconds to upload. But maybe that's because it's 7:30 in the morning and who the hell is using the internet at 7:30 in the morning? I know I'm not. Nevermind. It seems the internet is broken at this time of the day, and filedropper isnt working. ZShare it is.)


It's 7:16 am right now. I haven't slept. I suppose I could have, but there was a major noise show going on, and it was the last one of the year. Sure, I had a final project due today, but oh well, there was plenty of time for that after biking back from the show in the freezing cold. Jesus. And yes, I did finish my project, with plenty of time to spare, but my timing was horrible, as I was halfway through watching that one movie, The Others. I've never seen it, but always meant to. It's really good. Really good. I thought, at least. I'm really surprised people weren't like "omg this movie omg dylan see it." Anyways, so I had to finish watching that, and before you know it, the sun was up. I guess the point of this was, hey, theres a new noise diary. Above this entry. So you obviously already saw it (and most likely skipped over it). Making this post obsolete. Oh well. The internet was good to me today (yesterday).

Monday, May 12

Why today is awesome

1. BLT:
(Self explanatory)
2. Package:

Although I have yet to receive my new mouse that ive been waiting for (using the computer has been very difficult), i got this sweet royal package today, chock full of goodies. And although i really should be working right now because I have so much to get done by tomorrow, i'm not. you really cant blame me though, anson is asleep so the lights must remain off, and the sun is already on it's daily decline. alas, here I am.

Also, artwork! Drawing final/crittique today, see below.

Drawing Crittique

Brice Hobbs' final crit for drawing. Basically, a culmination of the work we did in his class over the semester. I brought in mostly in-class gestures and life drawings, because, save for a few, my homework assignments did
not come out well. The last one was our "final"--basically do whatever it is we'd be experimenting with over the summer.

The crit went well. But then again, it's Brice. He gives everyone good crits in the end. He is quite fond of my work, though. Although I didn't hear anything new today. He asked me my major again. Then said some more stuff about Rembrandt's etchings. Oh Brice.

Wednesday, May 7


Potentially the best custom automatic-playing mario level created ever.