Wednesday, May 14


It's 7:16 am right now. I haven't slept. I suppose I could have, but there was a major noise show going on, and it was the last one of the year. Sure, I had a final project due today, but oh well, there was plenty of time for that after biking back from the show in the freezing cold. Jesus. And yes, I did finish my project, with plenty of time to spare, but my timing was horrible, as I was halfway through watching that one movie, The Others. I've never seen it, but always meant to. It's really good. Really good. I thought, at least. I'm really surprised people weren't like "omg this movie omg dylan see it." Anyways, so I had to finish watching that, and before you know it, the sun was up. I guess the point of this was, hey, theres a new noise diary. Above this entry. So you obviously already saw it (and most likely skipped over it). Making this post obsolete. Oh well. The internet was good to me today (yesterday).

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