Sunday, December 26


lets u realize how much some of your distant friends actually care about you and how some of your best friends simply dgaf. i love you guys (most of you_).


Thursday, October 14


dont need u to cut my hair anymore

but that dont mean i dun miss u
RhoooodEEEE ISland

old friends where r u
hope everyones doing ok

Tuesday, October 5

gonna be dope

feelin good, life is good, gonna work hard! yes! go animation

Sunday, October 3

sats break

who was dat? ooooh, curls

Saturday, September 18


1st Fridayz

1. moth hangin out on my finger, rite now

2. scottish accents

3. so many girls with dark lipstick, ooooohhhh

4. j00n

Wednesday, September 15

home improvement

Saturday, September 11


this person..

also, shugo tokumaru. feels good 2 b home

Thursday, September 9

home in providence

cartarker/akira#1/secret clubhouse

i love this place

Tuesday, August 10

h 'ooops

hii blogg

Wednesday, June 30


this time every year uck gucuk uckuck, i could be sweaty and gross in palm springs by now, playing golf or something.

Monday, June 21


really green, really wet air. also, new orleans is really dope and i need to go back there. land of gumbo and pralines.
this is where zach lives
junior project?

Lots of good grass/good rivers.
funny monuments, all over
this is where zachs parents live
ludy is still keepin it real
also, there were cats
we drove an empty space van, which had a short echo inside
action shot starring zach diaz

everything in texas is slightly slanted, and breaks down well into horizontal segments
inconspicuous van

ive always enjoyed the southwest desert, so so pretty. Finally got to visit Albuquerque, which ive wondered about since 6th grade when i discovered Weird Al. It was aight. Reaching RISD-levels of tiredness.
as a safe and fun way to pass time when zach was sleeping i took a lot of pictures of myself driving. i have a lot of good ones, and i think when i drive my eyes become slightly cockeyed.

then suddenly we were in Arizona and basically home. phone battery died but managed to document potential spot for shooting this summer? dessert monster project 2010.

now i am home and things are nice and the weather is super perfect. the trip was ridiculously fast -- left wednesday at 7pm got in friday at 9am. liike, more pics/same pics will probably resurface on facebook eventually. currently readapting to funny home lifestyle with parents/trying to convince myself i can be a productive person this summer. HOPEFULLY I CAN SELL FROZEN YOGURT FOR MONEY. nothing too crazy on the radar, but EDC will be good, as well as a few shows to look forward too (Captain Ahab hellloo), plus disneyland already. next stop: fabric district to buy lots and lots of faux fur. also, i still have not had in-n-out or Salsa & Beer, so lets get on that guys.

Wednesday, June 16

South headin West

Strong lack of internet access lately since leaving providence, but summer should provide ample time for posts and digital catching up. Currently in Mississippi, drivin cross-country. Blues capital of the world and its been 16 days since I've touched a guitar. Times are hard, but whiskey is really cheap here. In other news, had some dope gumbo. Lots and lots of rain, but also lots and lots of sun. Also, dogs. Should be taking off today, home in time for the weekend fun time

☁ 。☼‿☼ 。

Tuesday, June 8


Got tired of typing in bombfrog all the time so the password is just bf now. saving some keystrokes, tryin prevent future arthritis for all u guys out there

Off Broadway


Thursday, May 13

One Week to Go

My final cut is due in 7 days (6 now?), which is stressful, to say the least. I know ill be able to pull through but im sure if ill feel really happy with it. its weird, ive never cared TOO much but i realized that people are actually going to see this stuff now so i feel a lot more.. self aware?

Anyways, school aside, I almost know where I'm living next year. 95% chance I'll be home this summer, so fun things will be happening. Right now im aiming for mid-june arrival? Im actually really excited for this summer, even though it will probably be spent working an irrelevant job for minuscule amounts of money. but drums. lots and lots of drums. alllll day, in a hot garage. and driving, oh my god.

last week I got the chance to meet with Takeshi Murata, one of my favorite contemporary animators, and it was probably one of the most reassuring things ive had in a while. Hes actually a RISD grad from.. 97 I believe? who is doing quite well simply making limited edition animations and selling them to galleries/collectors. It's an unusual place for an animator, and its nice to know that there is potentially something outside of the commercial world and the festival world post-risd. if youre good enough. by the way, if you get the chance too see his stuff definitely check it out--but not shitty quality youtube rips. i never really appreciated a lot of his stuff (like Melter) until seeing it in good resolution. And theres so much of his stuff that isn't available online-- his more mediocre stuff is up, but if you can find a copy of Cone Eater its mmmmm delicious (soundtrack by Robert Beatty, from hairpolice/ex-wolf eyes i think). But yeah, Takeshi was basically the nicest man on the world and I wish I could be his best friend. Something about late 90s rhode island was just spitting out all these guys who are the sweetest people youll ever meet who made a pretty good name for themselves. I wish it was more like that now. RISD appears to be on more of a stint since the 2000s.... i guess theres Seth McFarlane? Yeah..

Hey, this is like the most stuff i've written on here in months probably. Most likely because i've spent the past few weeks holed up not doing anything or talking to people trying to finish this train wreck, aaand my camera is still non-functional. I have so much to put up on ahayhoy too but ive just been so preoccupied... But yeah! In one short (long) (short) week ill be oeveeerr and ill be floatin down a river sippin mixed drinks. hopefully. guys, lets go to hurricane harbor this sumer.

Friday, May 7

oh man

could really go for some in n out around now

Tuesday, May 4


hey there blog, kinda forgot about you.

things are craaazy
1. trying to figure out summer (east west? internship what?)
2.animation final is due in 2 weeks. I cant even think about what that means for me.
3. I have less than 30 days to find a place to live before i hit DA STREETS

ill try to, uh, post updates n stuff as i go. and heyy, guys, its almost summer yay

Monday, April 12


password protecting a blogspot is really hard. google should get on that.

Saturday, April 10

Closin Tomorrow:

ieatnoise is goin private, but ill still be around at ahayhoy.  if ur still interested in these shenanigans, the code will be bombfrog for all you curious cats.  otherwise, THANKS 4 STICKIN AROUND FRIENDS , LUV U 4EVR.

Thursday, April 1

Friday, March 26

Tuesday, March 23


To my friends and mystery friends:

I've finally decided to move my postings to another blog.  I've been meaning to disassociate myself with ieatnoise for a while now, mostly because its slightly embarrassing, but i also just dont want this to be the first (er second) thing that comes up when you search my name.  I'm fine with randos reading about my life , i just dont want this to be some people's first perception of me.  Anyways, long story short: I'm gonna keep this blog around (cant stop after 250 posts) and will continue posting on it things like i am now, mainly life happenings, etc, but im going to make it password protected.  I dont mind what friends/enemies/strangers are reading this, so for those who wish to keep updated, the password is going to be bombfrog. I'm going to leave this blog open until April 10th, then off into a world of semi-secrecy, which seems refreshing to me. I'm sure ill post some stupid reminder then as well so yeah, just a heads up.

Everything else that i make will be posted here, which will be public, and will probably be my main blog from now on.  So checcccckckckk it out.  This will primarily turn into a way to keep in touch with west-coasties, and certain east-coasties who are no longer in America.

Uhhhhh uhhuhh other than that, weathers been weird, schools getting really really busy, but spring break ("break") in a week. drums r so fun, but they are destroying my life. Cool.

Sunday, March 21


Weather been so awesome lately
Every day is a spectacular day for a bike ride
I am getting less and less work done now
Somehow ended up at the zoo today with J+M
Always a pleasure. Year pass maybe?
Need more theme park in my life

Saturday, March 20

in luv

Saturday, March 13

gud stuff

Drunkdriver tonite; tragically as220
BlackPus tmrw; fortunately hillarious attic
things r lookin good
come out, face the rain
maybe project updates coming soon
i think im going to fix my camera myself.

Thursday, March 4

stillll cannot stop this, thankyou so much john i love you.
new semester goin aight. uhhh yeaaa, shits good.
feelin productive and active, suns been out, things r nice
miss u la peeps hope all is well

Wednesday, March 3

sick beatz

greg wher r u :(

guys, rly need to find east coast rave asap
need more ddr days 2

Tuesday, March 2

4 jeremy n u

cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd

cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd

cannnnootttott reaadddd
cannnnootttott reaadddd
new things suun

Saturday, February 27

houds of love

playing again tonight at the houds of love gallery, less aggressive but still chock full of landscapey goodness/ you should come. free, probably around 10 or so.

Sunday, February 21

yo ill upload this soon for real, promise. new semester tomorrow, kind of exciting.

Tuesday, February 16


sorry ive been so neglectful lately. break is super wonderful, and im getting so many things done that ive been putting off forever. im opening for my friends group this saturday in the tap room, so if youre around you should stop by, although im not 100% sure what im playing yet. should be fun tho, nick has some good tunes and he even made a sweet poster for it. i also gave the end of my website a brief update--more old/new tunes! Here's a handy cheat code that'll let you skip to the old last level if you never made it there. more substantial posts to follow.

Monday, February 8


Bought a bounch of hardcore/metal tapes the other day for a project (good excuse). Some are pretty dope, i might rip a few and up em here. regardless, such beautiful fetish objects.

Sunday, February 7

Glad these exist

Saturday, February 6

      /::::::─三三─:\         PAPERS ARE
    /:::::::: ( ○)三(○)\  ~~ NOT FUN
    |::::::::::::::::::::(__人__)::::  |  ________
     \:::::::::   |r┬-|   ,/ .| |          |
    ノ::::::::::::  `ー'´   \ | |    essay   |  
  /:::::::::::::::::::::             | | --- - - -- - |  
 |::::::::::::::::: l               | | -- - -- --- |

Monday, February 1

Belateed Request

Guys, its wintersession, which means its cold and I have a lot of free time, a lot of which I've spent on the internet, which unfortunately means im running out of interesting material to read. Blogs don't update fast enough, news aggregators are filled with idiots posting memes that were popular when i was in high school. For my (passed) birthday, i would love it if you could please forward me any and all blogs that i should be aware of (personal or otherwise). It's the best kind of gift. It doesn't matter if you think its something i wont be interested in, im interested in seeing what other people are interested in. You kno? I know people can be weird with revealing blogging personas, but its mah birthday and I know some of you mysterios have some, so get sharing. Thankyou you u friendz

link dem suckers
or if u wanna email em send em to



Friday, January 29


not sure what to be putting on here lately. need to get my camera back and get things rolling again. Oh, and thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, i miss all you and wish we could be together. Wintersessions already 2/3 over and ive so much to do before it ends. Some new websites comin this way soon, too, i think. Kind of exciting.

still the best shit evr pt.II

Sunday, January 24

best shit evr

Wednesday, January 20


totally just remembered i have a puppet short that i have to finish. man.

Tuesday, January 19


oh how i miss you

Sunday, January 17

Wintersession so far:

Spend my time eating, playing music, and reading in the cave. what else could i ask for? Getting back into old musical loves, and getting stuff done that ive been putting off for ages. Its been nice out lately too, like 45 degrees, so ive been taking more bike rides for pleasure rather than simple transportation from point A to B. Also, our house is bonding more. Need to get my camera fixed.

Sunday, January 10


goin thru old youtube favs; lost treasure

Tuesday, January 5


Back in PVD. Came back kinda gloomy, but I'd forgotten how lovely wintersession is. I feel like i have all the time in the world to do all the things ive been meaning to get around to. I even finally cleared out our hallway today, something thats needed to be done since we moved in here last spring. Various uncategorized updates:

1. my camera is broken (?)
somewhere between christmas and disneyland something and something something, i dont know, anyways i have to figure out why it wont turn on. Basically, there might not be pictures for a bit. I think. I havent really looked at to be honest. Maybe the battery isnt charged.

2. i got a new phone ( :c )
we switched to verizon, which i guess is cool because its cheaper but not so cool because there are no good "dumb" phones anymore so youre forced into buying low-end smart-phone-wannabees. I just want a legit candybar nokia phone, texting blind doesnt work on touchscreens so well, and that was my favorite past-time pre switch to verizon. I feel like a mom with this phone too. On the bright side, i now have a mediocre phone camera and picture messaging. My old phone definitely couldnt do that. I also have access to the internet 24/7 now, which means my real life will only further deteriorate.

4. Disneyland made their corndogs about 40% smaller
but other than that it was a good new years trip. we saw mr.sierks

5. i bought a laptop
finally caved and bought a semi-netbook acer (aspiron 1410 to be specific, HTH friends), which, as far as i can tell, is totally worth it. My first personal laptop, and i must say its quite liberating (11.6" / 3 lbs). I just want to throw it around. Efficiency has increased twofold in my digital dealings--dedicated computer for work and fun now, with some cross pollination occurring.

6. I almost destroyed our house
I dont want to talk about it.