Monday, June 21


really green, really wet air. also, new orleans is really dope and i need to go back there. land of gumbo and pralines.
this is where zach lives
junior project?

Lots of good grass/good rivers.
funny monuments, all over
this is where zachs parents live
ludy is still keepin it real
also, there were cats
we drove an empty space van, which had a short echo inside
action shot starring zach diaz

everything in texas is slightly slanted, and breaks down well into horizontal segments
inconspicuous van

ive always enjoyed the southwest desert, so so pretty. Finally got to visit Albuquerque, which ive wondered about since 6th grade when i discovered Weird Al. It was aight. Reaching RISD-levels of tiredness.
as a safe and fun way to pass time when zach was sleeping i took a lot of pictures of myself driving. i have a lot of good ones, and i think when i drive my eyes become slightly cockeyed.

then suddenly we were in Arizona and basically home. phone battery died but managed to document potential spot for shooting this summer? dessert monster project 2010.

now i am home and things are nice and the weather is super perfect. the trip was ridiculously fast -- left wednesday at 7pm got in friday at 9am. liike, more pics/same pics will probably resurface on facebook eventually. currently readapting to funny home lifestyle with parents/trying to convince myself i can be a productive person this summer. HOPEFULLY I CAN SELL FROZEN YOGURT FOR MONEY. nothing too crazy on the radar, but EDC will be good, as well as a few shows to look forward too (Captain Ahab hellloo), plus disneyland already. next stop: fabric district to buy lots and lots of faux fur. also, i still have not had in-n-out or Salsa & Beer, so lets get on that guys.

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