Friday, January 29


not sure what to be putting on here lately. need to get my camera back and get things rolling again. Oh, and thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, i miss all you and wish we could be together. Wintersessions already 2/3 over and ive so much to do before it ends. Some new websites comin this way soon, too, i think. Kind of exciting.

still the best shit evr pt.II

Sunday, January 24

best shit evr

Wednesday, January 20


totally just remembered i have a puppet short that i have to finish. man.

Tuesday, January 19


oh how i miss you

Sunday, January 17

Wintersession so far:

Spend my time eating, playing music, and reading in the cave. what else could i ask for? Getting back into old musical loves, and getting stuff done that ive been putting off for ages. Its been nice out lately too, like 45 degrees, so ive been taking more bike rides for pleasure rather than simple transportation from point A to B. Also, our house is bonding more. Need to get my camera fixed.

Sunday, January 10


goin thru old youtube favs; lost treasure

Tuesday, January 5


Back in PVD. Came back kinda gloomy, but I'd forgotten how lovely wintersession is. I feel like i have all the time in the world to do all the things ive been meaning to get around to. I even finally cleared out our hallway today, something thats needed to be done since we moved in here last spring. Various uncategorized updates:

1. my camera is broken (?)
somewhere between christmas and disneyland something and something something, i dont know, anyways i have to figure out why it wont turn on. Basically, there might not be pictures for a bit. I think. I havent really looked at to be honest. Maybe the battery isnt charged.

2. i got a new phone ( :c )
we switched to verizon, which i guess is cool because its cheaper but not so cool because there are no good "dumb" phones anymore so youre forced into buying low-end smart-phone-wannabees. I just want a legit candybar nokia phone, texting blind doesnt work on touchscreens so well, and that was my favorite past-time pre switch to verizon. I feel like a mom with this phone too. On the bright side, i now have a mediocre phone camera and picture messaging. My old phone definitely couldnt do that. I also have access to the internet 24/7 now, which means my real life will only further deteriorate.

4. Disneyland made their corndogs about 40% smaller
but other than that it was a good new years trip. we saw mr.sierks

5. i bought a laptop
finally caved and bought a semi-netbook acer (aspiron 1410 to be specific, HTH friends), which, as far as i can tell, is totally worth it. My first personal laptop, and i must say its quite liberating (11.6" / 3 lbs). I just want to throw it around. Efficiency has increased twofold in my digital dealings--dedicated computer for work and fun now, with some cross pollination occurring.

6. I almost destroyed our house
I dont want to talk about it.