Tuesday, January 5


Back in PVD. Came back kinda gloomy, but I'd forgotten how lovely wintersession is. I feel like i have all the time in the world to do all the things ive been meaning to get around to. I even finally cleared out our hallway today, something thats needed to be done since we moved in here last spring. Various uncategorized updates:

1. my camera is broken (?)
somewhere between christmas and disneyland something and something something, i dont know, anyways i have to figure out why it wont turn on. Basically, there might not be pictures for a bit. I think. I havent really looked at to be honest. Maybe the battery isnt charged.

2. i got a new phone ( :c )
we switched to verizon, which i guess is cool because its cheaper but not so cool because there are no good "dumb" phones anymore so youre forced into buying low-end smart-phone-wannabees. I just want a legit candybar nokia phone, texting blind doesnt work on touchscreens so well, and that was my favorite past-time pre switch to verizon. I feel like a mom with this phone too. On the bright side, i now have a mediocre phone camera and picture messaging. My old phone definitely couldnt do that. I also have access to the internet 24/7 now, which means my real life will only further deteriorate.

4. Disneyland made their corndogs about 40% smaller
but other than that it was a good new years trip. we saw mr.sierks

5. i bought a laptop
finally caved and bought a semi-netbook acer (aspiron 1410 to be specific, HTH friends), which, as far as i can tell, is totally worth it. My first personal laptop, and i must say its quite liberating (11.6" / 3 lbs). I just want to throw it around. Efficiency has increased twofold in my digital dealings--dedicated computer for work and fun now, with some cross pollination occurring.

6. I almost destroyed our house
I dont want to talk about it.


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Lily said...

lol u have a touch phone