Thursday, May 13

One Week to Go

My final cut is due in 7 days (6 now?), which is stressful, to say the least. I know ill be able to pull through but im sure if ill feel really happy with it. its weird, ive never cared TOO much but i realized that people are actually going to see this stuff now so i feel a lot more.. self aware?

Anyways, school aside, I almost know where I'm living next year. 95% chance I'll be home this summer, so fun things will be happening. Right now im aiming for mid-june arrival? Im actually really excited for this summer, even though it will probably be spent working an irrelevant job for minuscule amounts of money. but drums. lots and lots of drums. alllll day, in a hot garage. and driving, oh my god.

last week I got the chance to meet with Takeshi Murata, one of my favorite contemporary animators, and it was probably one of the most reassuring things ive had in a while. Hes actually a RISD grad from.. 97 I believe? who is doing quite well simply making limited edition animations and selling them to galleries/collectors. It's an unusual place for an animator, and its nice to know that there is potentially something outside of the commercial world and the festival world post-risd. if youre good enough. by the way, if you get the chance too see his stuff definitely check it out--but not shitty quality youtube rips. i never really appreciated a lot of his stuff (like Melter) until seeing it in good resolution. And theres so much of his stuff that isn't available online-- his more mediocre stuff is up, but if you can find a copy of Cone Eater its mmmmm delicious (soundtrack by Robert Beatty, from hairpolice/ex-wolf eyes i think). But yeah, Takeshi was basically the nicest man on the world and I wish I could be his best friend. Something about late 90s rhode island was just spitting out all these guys who are the sweetest people youll ever meet who made a pretty good name for themselves. I wish it was more like that now. RISD appears to be on more of a stint since the 2000s.... i guess theres Seth McFarlane? Yeah..

Hey, this is like the most stuff i've written on here in months probably. Most likely because i've spent the past few weeks holed up not doing anything or talking to people trying to finish this train wreck, aaand my camera is still non-functional. I have so much to put up on ahayhoy too but ive just been so preoccupied... But yeah! In one short (long) (short) week ill be oeveeerr and ill be floatin down a river sippin mixed drinks. hopefully. guys, lets go to hurricane harbor this sumer.

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