Tuesday, March 23


To my friends and mystery friends:

I've finally decided to move my postings to another blog.  I've been meaning to disassociate myself with ieatnoise for a while now, mostly because its slightly embarrassing, but i also just dont want this to be the first (er second) thing that comes up when you search my name.  I'm fine with randos reading about my life , i just dont want this to be some people's first perception of me.  Anyways, long story short: I'm gonna keep this blog around (cant stop after 250 posts) and will continue posting on it things like i am now, mainly life happenings, etc, but im going to make it password protected.  I dont mind what friends/enemies/strangers are reading this, so for those who wish to keep updated, the password is going to be bombfrog. I'm going to leave this blog open until April 10th, then off into a world of semi-secrecy, which seems refreshing to me. I'm sure ill post some stupid reminder then as well so yeah, just a heads up.

Everything else that i make will be posted here, which will be public, and will probably be my main blog from now on.  So checcccckckckk it out.  This will primarily turn into a way to keep in touch with west-coasties, and certain east-coasties who are no longer in America.

Uhhhhh uhhuhh other than that, weathers been weird, schools getting really really busy, but spring break ("break") in a week. drums r so fun, but they are destroying my life. Cool.

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Lily said...

am i a certain east coastie who's not in america? or a west coastie? or both? dylnn!!