Monday, February 1

Belateed Request

Guys, its wintersession, which means its cold and I have a lot of free time, a lot of which I've spent on the internet, which unfortunately means im running out of interesting material to read. Blogs don't update fast enough, news aggregators are filled with idiots posting memes that were popular when i was in high school. For my (passed) birthday, i would love it if you could please forward me any and all blogs that i should be aware of (personal or otherwise). It's the best kind of gift. It doesn't matter if you think its something i wont be interested in, im interested in seeing what other people are interested in. You kno? I know people can be weird with revealing blogging personas, but its mah birthday and I know some of you mysterios have some, so get sharing. Thankyou you u friendz

link dem suckers
or if u wanna email em send em to

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