Monday, May 12

Drawing Crittique

Brice Hobbs' final crit for drawing. Basically, a culmination of the work we did in his class over the semester. I brought in mostly in-class gestures and life drawings, because, save for a few, my homework assignments did
not come out well. The last one was our "final"--basically do whatever it is we'd be experimenting with over the summer.

The crit went well. But then again, it's Brice. He gives everyone good crits in the end. He is quite fond of my work, though. Although I didn't hear anything new today. He asked me my major again. Then said some more stuff about Rembrandt's etchings. Oh Brice.


Anonymous said...

eyE candyf!


as youc an see ive been to lazy to log in recently.

Lily said...

wait wiat wait when did you do that last painting is it your final it is so good i forgot to ask you how it went but i guess now i know

Christoford said...

Bomb-(butt) (poop).

Also you should probably come back maybe I dunno just a suggestion.

thesameguy said...

for the record, that was the less vulgar way of my saying "bomb-ass shit"