Wednesday, April 8

Fort Gloom

Yes, I finally finished and uploaded my puppet final from last fall. There were just a few minor tweaks that needed to be done, and its just taken me this long to get around to doing them. I actually don't think I've showed this to most of you, so that's exciting. I'll get some production photos up at some point..I still haven't even really looked at them in retrospect really. Shooting this project was a weekend of no sleep and once I got passed it I never really looked back. But if i remember correctly, there were some cool pictures. Anyways, I've forgotten approximate times of things by now, but i think it was roughly 1 week for the puppet, 3 god forsaken weeks for the set (why did I do that to myself?), and then like 3 straight all nighters for shooting. What a journey. But that will be a story for another day. Please, let me know what you think.

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SNJ said...

The lighten on this is absolutely fantastic! Great job!!!!!