Wednesday, January 2

Pt. II

So a new year. A new semester. I'm back at RISD, and want to thank everyone back home for making my break so wonderful. I love RISD so much, but it really was hard to come back here. There were however several things that I didn't get to do while I was home, and I'm very angry at myself for them. They are:
-See Collie. Play boardgames.

-See bearded Chris. Play videogames, eat unhealthy foods. Watch a movie.

-Make music with Lei.
So fuck me for that. But oh boy will I get these things done in May. Just you wait and see. Anyways, I also have a few New Years resolutions. I never make them, because I've never really felt the need. But hey, I know a few areas I can improve on, so here we go:
1. Write more letters, more often. Send them!
If anyone wants a letter, piece of art, or random scrap of my life, simply message me your address. I don't care if I don't even know you/like you. (

2. Update my blog with more artwork.
This one probably won't happen. But I'll try, I'm getting better at it. Plus, I finally have pictures of all this stuff from last semester to put up.

3. Get shit done
You know what I'm talkin about

That's it. Let's see how well I actually do. It's late, and I need me some sleep. First day of class tomorrow! afsdhfgadfg. Seriously, thank you guys, I couldn't have asked for a more amazing break (minus above cases).


SNJ said...


lei said...


Lily said...

ok, i do not lick my plates on a regular basis.

PURPLE said...

well, we dont have alex's crepes on a regular basis.

rachel said...

gosh i wish i had an amazing personalized stamp.

oh and interesting news about spring break:

ok so my grandparents are very strange, they said they want to pay for me to go anywhere in the U.S for springbreak, so i said NEWYOORRRKK!!! and then they say OH no anywhere but there because they think plane tickets will cost more and that airport is "risky" (WTF i know, theyre fucking crazy.)OK so anway crazy grandma says "well why dont you just go to another east coast state i hear boston is lovely that time of year dahhling." so i dont know dylan, DO YOU HAVE ANY RECOMENDATIONS FOR EAST COAST STATES TO VIST.

(that was really long sorry)

rawrguylikesdinosaursrawr said...

i expect some artwork in exchange i'll draw you something