Tuesday, May 26


So i guess one of my recent test videos from the Super Nintendo project has been floating around, going all the way to Kotaku, which actually kind of blows my mind. A particular thanks to Offworld for bringing the initial attention to the project (as far as my knowledge goes). Anyways, I realized some of the sites that posted it tended to just post the video and what they thought was happening, rather than actually what was going on. And while it does come off as my vision of a really rad atari remake of SFII, that wasnt exactly the initial goal (although it was the initial attraction..maybe ill have to follow up with a full atari-conversion), and it was actually just a test video. If you're interested at all in the project you can check out the project website (not maintained very well), or just check the project blog, which is updated way more often. And please, let me know what you think! It strange to think of people actually seeing what I do now, and it's a little offsetting.

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