Sunday, March 30

Spring Break and Before

So, to explain where I've been for the past two weeks, I had a visitor. Yes, the one and only Rachel Birke came to the smallest state in the US. Not only did her trip involve a stay in a luxurious dorm room, featuring tiny beds and communal showers, but it also included a grand tour of RISD and the best of Rhode Island (even Newport!)from yours truly. There was much eating, much walking, and many a shows to go to. Amazing shows. Her timing was quite premium for the shows.
Arrival: Rachel Birke, Rhode Island

We traveled to Boston and stood freezing in the cold, and visited the Disneyland of food courts. Rachel got to see Boys Town II, something most RISD kids havent even seen. She got to see the Thunderdome, which will soon be celebrating its one year anniversary as a new underground experimental venue (basement). Due to the extreme requests of Rachel and Lily, we even dyed Easter Eggs (photos will ensue). It smelled silly.

Then we were off to New York, where we found the most delicious fried potatoes ever, giant comic book stores, and faux punk clothing stores. And cream puffs made by asians. And our legs died. Soon, it was unfortunately time for Rachel to leave, and she set home for LA on Tuesday. That very same day my sister arrived on a Peter Pan bus from New York city. We went to Boston, visiting the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, bought more old clothes, and ate more ridiculous food. Every attempt to get crepes in Providence was met with defeat. More sandwiches were eaten though, which makes me happy. My sister then went on her way back to New York, and Thursday night I spent my first night by myself in a long time (Anson (my roommate you sillies) was off in Florida).

It was nice, and quiet. Although I did miss the company of Rachel and my sister. The next days were spent avoiding homework and recording noise diaries, which will follow in the future. Lots of noise diaries. Saturday I went to Boston once again to see the Boredoms, which was fairly epic. Three drumsets, a seven neck guitar, and Yamatsuka Eye, a god of noise. I caught a 2:15 am Greyhound back and today did my first real bit of homework all break, and voila here I am. Pictures follow, in an attempted chronological order of sorts. Its just a highlight, full sets will be available upon request or on here when I stop being so lazy.

Destination 1: Boston

Destination 2: Milkshakes

Destination 3: Eggs

Destination 4: Newport

Destination 5: New York, elicious fried objects


Destination 6: Home

The last black cowboy in Boston

So the past two weeks Rachel was here, and the few days my sister stayed with me have been amazing. It was great to see some familiar faces. If anyone ever happens to be on the east coast and wants to have their own free stay in a luxurious dorm with communal bathroom, just give me a hollar. I'd be glad to have you. Plus, it will just give me another reason to go down to the Jolly Roger. Oh god.

Theres a new noise diary below this that like two people have downloaded. Get on that, fools.


rachel said...

i love these pictures and i request more

(the milkshake one and EXCLAMATION POINT LIGHTING are amazinzung)

and i know anson misses me terribly, i hope hes holding up alright

p.s. have you eaten any peppermint bark since i left

rachel said...

p.p.s i appear to be pregnant in the first picture, sup tummy

Lily said...

i am taking that egg picture.

lei said...

i spy mudboy poster-thing! (in the first one of rachel's tummy)

SNJ said...

OMG. Those fried things...