Sunday, June 21


MAN WHAT IS UP. ive been so bad at updating this, and i really have no excuse because ive spent the past week i've been home laying around drawing comics and eating brownies. i still havent set my computer up due to a lack of monitor + keyboard, which means ive been using my parents' terrifying laptop that i spent about 5 hours fixing up there other day so i could properly view the internet. so there's that. even lily has updated her blog like three times, which is saying a lot. ive also realized i dont really talk to people anymore, so to catch all you cats up whom i love but never speak to:

PROVIDENCE HOMIES: i live on broadway now, well not this very moment, but this next year. it seems far, but really, it isnt, and its really radical, so you should come visit and taste our food. also, as im not residing in providence this year, if anyone is going to be in the providence area i have a lonely, empty room just sitting there. JUST WAITING TO BE USED. also, lovely roommates, if you can read this, please water my plant, he is probably very thirsty by now. also, i request details on meals that have ensued in my absense, photos would be appreciated.

SFV HOMIES: back in california now. although, as i realized a lot of you dontk now, i live in altadena now. which means getting to and from the valley is a trek (nothing too serious though). Anyways, i do have an internship this summer at the most radical animation studio this half of the valley (more on that later), but i do have a pretty light schedule, meaning i have a lot of time to hang out, or if you know of a job available FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HIRE ME. but its cool, ive been getting into a movie groove lately--Academy 6 in pasadena has $3 movies, $2 matinees, and $1 hotdogs, which in my mind sounds like a prreeettty wicked saturday. just saying.

anyways, when i get my computer up and running, which should be soon, i have a lot to share (finals, projects, food, dirty houses), so yeah. juts hold in there, ill get my shit together soon.