Monday, February 18

Noise Diaries #7

I decided to forget the whole chronological thing with my noise diaries. I have things that i get excited about, but by the time i get to them ive already gotten over them. So i'm just going to post them as im feelin them. This one is really more of a sample clip. But i have a long noise-drone one (5 tracks, 20 minutes) similar to this (almost, not really) that I'm going to upload in a day or so. Just let this whet your appetite. It's pure, harsh noise. I also have to upload my films, its just when i recorded them i did it at too high quality so youtube won't accept it, so i just need to size it down then that shit will be interneted.

♬ Noise Diaries 2008-0002-0010


rachel said...

oh mymymy. the end gave me the chills a little bit.

PURPLE said...

that was so fast i thought you were lily.

Lily said...

oh my god
that bunny
i want it to be MINE

i've only ever responded that quickly once. and it was because of my mind powers that i knew you had updated your blog. rachel probably has them too. looks like you aren't the only one, HMMMM

cola lady said...

I know exactly what you mean. about the blogging.

oooohhhh cute bunny bunny
makes me want spring to come. now!