Wednesday, February 27

Second Semester

I figure i havent done a general update in a while, so ill catch you all up to speed. Second semester has started! Wintersession ended, which means my breezy weeks with only two classes has come to an end (speaking of which, film uploads are on their way). Along with that is a massive amount of noise diaries to upload. But now its second semester. Schedule is as follows:

Drawing, Brice Hobbs
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Drawing is okay. My teacher is ancient. Like, old. Really old. He started the bike drawing at RISD. I dig his philosophies, he's into feeling art and whatnot. I think if he were part of our generation he'd totally be into the experimental music scene. But in his old age, he is quite forgetful, which gets frustrating. He's already told us the same stories several times, and expects a laugh each time at the end. He's asked me what my major is four times over two classes. We're going to get into gestures, do lots of life drawing, and learn how to see the energy of everything and whatnot.

Pre-Columbian History,
Elisabeth Bonnier
09:40 am - 11:10 am
This class is really good, especially considering that it's an art history class. Our teacher is nice, seems fairly laidback, and to top it all off, has a french accent. The reading doesnt seem to bad, and the subject matter is interesting, so im very content with this class. Heck, one could say im even excited for our ensuing Inca and Mayan adventures.

Informal Logic,
James Yess
01:10 pm - 02:40 pm
My God. When we had to sign up for classes, i got the last sign up section. So for a liberal arts choice i was basically stuck with either informal logic or something about the quest for knowledge. While i do love quests, as well as knowledge, the class description said something about many many papers, so i decided to go with informal logic. After arriving to class the first day expecting to spend the next three months in a dry, soul sucking class, i quickly changed my mind. All we do is argue for 90 minutes then leave. It was the first class ive had since i can remember where it was over before i knew it. No real homework either. The teacher is decent--sometimes it seems like he doesnt really know what he's saying, but he's cool in my book. reminds me of our old rostami days.

3D Design, Christina Bertoni
08:00 am - 04:30 pm
3D Design. Basically a class to explore the three dimensional realm; id say its pretty self explanitory. Our teacher is really down to Earth, and likes taking us on long walks just so we can clear our mind. And she decided that 8:00 was a godforsaken hour that no one should be up at, and moved the class back to 8:30 (hallelujah). Her taste is okay, i dont think she and i really jive in that sense, but thats okay. Her assignments are completely open to anything--like, anything. It's a freedom im not used to, and to be honest, its quite intimidating.

2D Design, Charlie Clough
08:00 am - 05:00 pm
This course is the same as 3D Design, but flat on paper. You know. Our teacher is so quirky. One could even say adorable, hes amazingly nice. Even though when i first saw his picture i was afraid he was going to be on of those insane teachers. But he's already laid out the course, basically we're going to recreate six historical paintings and then make a book out of all of the classes work. We're documenting it, and he said something about making a movie (dont ask me). That sounds pretty cool. But i really dont care, he already made me completely happy as soon as he said "i disagree with homework--i dont think we should have any." Compared to my 2D teacher last year, who took many a nights sleep from me, this is very very good news. Sweet.

Same as Tuesday, all over again.

So those are my classes. Christ, this post is getting long. I suppose i really should update my life happenings more, so i dont have these novel-length posts coming out every so often. We declare majors this week, and i think ive finally settled on FAV (film/animation/video), a major i wasnt even considering when i first came to RISD. I suppose what changed my mind was that i wanted to be able to use sound in my work. And with Film/Animation, you really need access to equipment in order to learn it. Ilustration or sculpture (which i was kind of stuck between) or some other major of the sort is something that if youre determined enough you can really learn on your own. But with FAV you really need the equipment and technical knowledge, so i think this is my best bet.

Housing numbers! Each freshman gets a number, 1-500 or something, and it determines the number in which they get to choose where they live next year (1 goes first and so-on). I hadn't even really thought about it, and has really thought id just leave it up to my roommates to get the high number for lottery. So when i checked my email on lottery day, the last thing i expected to see was 1. I actually predicted i would get 293 in my head. But no, there it was. Number one. So, ive become a sort of small legend in the past week, with whispers of my name going through the halls--"Did you hear who got number one?" So i guess thats pretty cool. I feel like ive wasted all of my accumulated luck on this though, and its completely unnecessary for me to have number one. Oh well, ill enjoy it while i can.

I guess that's all thats major for now. I have like a bajillion photos to upload. and music. hrmrdklgmggaffdg


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Today in my religion class, three people were like WAIT YOU GUYS HAVE ONE? and then one girl was like OMGZ DYLAN HAYES. I could walk across the hall to tell you this.

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music is good

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you luckyy ducky.

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SEE! told you you'd waste all your luck on this :P no good lotto numbers for youuu :P

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