Sunday, April 6

Noise Diaries #11

Another noise diary, from february 22. This was a pretty unique one, something i still want to pursue more (but haven't gotten around to). Drums make life more fun. Take a trip to the Southern Hemisphere.

Also, I've gone with a new method for my noise diaries. Since none of them are single songs anymore and theyre all multi-track .rar files, which everyone is too lazy to download and be bothered with, I'm going to upload the whole set onto Muxtape where you can listen to it, then use zshare if you want to download it for future use. I dont know. Do whatever. I think only like 2 people listen to them anyways. FWAPMP.

Noise Diaries Bang Bang Drip (Muxtape)
♬ Noise Diaries Bang Bang Drip (Download)

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k0neko said...

i downloaded a noise diary for the first time. why not use mediafire? srsly.