Wednesday, April 30


So the other day i actually had some free time and sat down to write a real blog post! Then i went to upload pictures and realized i left my camera cable in my 3D Studio for the project i was working on. Oy. But, I feel like something needs to be said, so heres a real quick update before i collapse in my bed.

-I have many photos of 3D projects to put up.
-I just finished a pretty badass noise device project. Photos too
-So many noise diaries edited now. So many.
-Holy shit only three weeks left of school!
-In case you guys dont know, I'm driving home this summer with Guy. That's exciting
-I have a paper due friday that ive known about all semester and still havent started. Despite what i keep telling myself.

Okay i think i should stop now because anson is started to do that grunting thing in bed where he gets frustrated because im making too much noise with the clickytyclakcy of my fingers on plastic. or maybe the bright of the screen. OH GOD HES WATCHING ME NOW, WHAT


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ahhh finish school already and come back to california. we need to make amazing noise together.