Friday, September 12

Coming Home Pt.II: Now With 50% More Mountains

So I left off the last blog in Kansas. Basically everything else in Kansas looked like this:
Oh yeah, they also have Dinosaur gasoline in Kansas, which i thought was pretty cool. It actually started to rain ridiculously hard while we were passing through. So hard we had to wait it out at a gas station for a while while it settled down. Luckily guy decided to buy those new windshield wipers, or we would have been stranded. And there were TORNADOES coming. We just missed them by a few hours though, and then we were out of kansas.

Introducing: Colorado

There were more plains in colorado.

There were other cars, too.

They even have a Purina Puppy Chow factory.

We eventually reached the mountains, which had adorable little mountain towns that looked like something out of Disneyland. A much appreciated change from all of the flat lands we'd been driving through.

Of course, where there are mountains there is rain. And lots of tunnels too.

Eventually we reached the middle of the mountains, where we decided to stop for lunch at this wonderful place called Q4U BBQ. It was one of the only places open, due to the holiday weekend--it must have been fate that led us there. While we were waiting for our food I took a picture of Guy and Guy took a picture of me. He stole my color for some reason. I think this is the only existing picture of me to prove i was on this trip.

I had a BBQ Beef sandwich with french fries and a coke. It was one of the better meals I've had this year. Guy had the BBQ turkey. He also got some homemade beef jerky they had sitting in a jar on the counter, which was totally rad.

You were required to pass through a roundabout to get back on the highway. There was a moose statue in the middle of it.

And then we were on our way down the mountains.

We eventually reached these sweet rocks that looked like something out of Grand Turismo 4. But it was better, because it was in real life.

There was even an old-timey train passing along the mountain path, which was made along a river. It was the perfect setting for a train robbery to take place.

We stopped to get gas at a station that had this sculpture sitting outside in the back by an ice machine. I thought it was marvelous.

There was this tiny little mining-looking town on the bank of the river. Complete with its own dam.

We eventually escaped the mountains. This is the ass-view of the mountains.

And then we left colorful colorado. Ignore me.

Then lots of shit happened in Utah, but I dont really have any pictures. There was a pretty sunset though.

We stayed at a little motel in some town whose name i cant remember, but there was this amazing antiquey store on the way there that had this outside.

Then Nevada. You know, I've never really ever thought of deserts as pretty things. Nor have I ever thought that I would have seen one and been like "wow." However, I have to say, damn, Nevada is really pretty. I can see why the Indians liked it so much out there.

Somewhere along the highway in Nevada we stopped in Los Vegas and visited Guy's cousin (?). He has a very nice house. We then worked our way down to the strip and took a break from driving and actually walked around a bit. It was my first time in Vegas. It seemed like a Disneyland for adults. And God, it was ridiculously hot. We mostly walked around casinos and looked at stuff. I got a drink at one point because I was feeling dehydrated. We visited an arcade, played In the Groove. After considering spending the night, we decided to cut town and keep driving. Photos of this part of the trip exist somewhere, but not on my camera. We cut the corner of Arizona.

This was about all we saw.

After that it was just a quick drive through CA before we were home in LA. And i slept in my sweet, sweet bed, whom I had missed dearly.

So that was the drive back home, and now that I've gotten this out of the way, I can get on with my life of RISD posts. Oh, and DISNEYWORLD.

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