Tuesday, January 20


Set List (as remembered)
1. Dancer/In the Flowers
2. Leaf House (!!!)
3. Song I didn't recognize (??)
4. Guys Eyes
5. Summertime Clothes
6. Daily Routine
7. Lion in A Coma
8. Lablakely Dress/Fireworks
9. My Girls
10. Brother Sport
11. Banshee Beat
12. Slippi

From Fireworks to Brother Sport constitute one of the most ecstasy-filled musical moments of my life. A very powerful performance of Banshee Beat (metaphorically in that it brought me back, and literally in that the bass was knocking you down). And Leaf House, they did what I've always wanted, extended the ending verse so it goes on many many times, soo good to my ears, so good.

Oh, and new york crowds still suck.


rachel said...

lucky lucky lucky

lei said...

they're playing tomorrow at the henry fonda, and the best part of that is i only have to walk a couple minutes down the street to go see them. sooo excited

intelligence said...
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