Wednesday, January 21

Second Puppet

Part I
Wire + Balsa armature
Part II
Foam Body Part III
Fabric Selection/Swatches Part IV
Final Puppet with clothing
This is long overdue, but it's the puppet I constructed for one of my final projects last semester. I went crazy at the fabric store, and had a hard time deciding which way to take his design. I could make like 20 more of these guys and still be interested in them. He's assembled in a way that his fabric/clothing is completely removable and nothing is permanently attached, it's simply a system of wrapping the cloth and hiding the occasional pin in his foam body. The only permanent parts are his moccasins, which I'm very happy with. I'll get some pictures of the set as well as the actual animation itself up soon, I just have some slight editing to finish that I've been avoiding. Oh, wintersession!


ctrlz said...

oh man it's so awesome!

maicher said...
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