Sunday, October 4


I also recently finished the small final touches on this and think i'm ready to finally put it behind me. It was my video final from spring semester, starring my lovely alex huang, who i owe so much to (especially for coming out and filming with me during finals week). I wish i were better at uploading work quicker, because by the time i get around to putting things up the excitement has waned and they just seem silly to me. Still, if you have ten minutes to kill, i say you give it a watch. It may not be the most cohesive piece, but cohesion isn't always necesssary for enjoyment.


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John Sea said...

dylan, in the future can I get discounts on your artwork, I am going to hire you to decorate my house and office with your masterpieces. Please hook up brother up, I can probably do your taxes later on lol.