Saturday, December 5

Finally Ready

After six or eight or ten or whatever its been long weeks, I'm finally ready to move beyond puppet construction. Getting excited again, gonnna bee fuunnn to work on this again. I also have a million process photos that will work their way up here eventually and i can explain the ridiculous (extremely unnecessary) fabrication process and experimentation i went through to get these simple puppets, but im not sure if anyone reads this blog for that kind of stuff (..Sean maybe? Are you out there??). Still, itll probably be a good resource for me to put together. I learned a lot about silicone that I couldnt really find information about on the internet (Zap-A-Gap? Really?). I'm just extremely happy to finally get this indecisive puppet fabrication phase out of the way, because the actual animation and editing is much more free and stress free to me, which is quite. nice. Something to look forward to for me.

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