Monday, December 21


that was only the longest week of my life. So glad to be able to finally move on (well--almost). My crits actually went surprisingly well, which I'm happy about because i was actually pretty pessimistic about both my animation finals until they were about 95% done. I feel good about both of them now. As of a few minutes ago I just finished my final Brown paper, and now I'm home free--quite literally, my flight leaves at 1pm tomorrow, and I should be getting into LAX sometime between 11-12. I just hope the massive amounts of snow don't create any unforeseen problems. I still have a bit of sound work and post production to do on my puppet final so that won't work its way on here until i get back from break, but my other final should be up by the end of the night. Regardless, ill be home soon, lets get some food, play some music, and go to disneyland. 4lyfe

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