Tuesday, December 8

Color Tests

Here are a bunch of old color maquette tests i did a while ago. I did a million of these, but these are my favorites of the bunch. I'm still not quite sure which direction to take it--theres so many possibilities with this set, and since its all on such a small scale theres such great control for tweaking. I could spend an entire semester just lighting these sets, theyre so fun to do and theres somuch you can get out of them. SUPR FUN

Right now im probably leaning more towards the pink washed lighting, maybe with cooler highlights, although the deep red is kind of really nice too. But I'm also into these night-ish shots with the unfiltered highlights, and was really happy with how it looked straight up naked with no gels, but i dont know. Perhaps you guys have some suggestions? Although i will probably inevitably end up going with an overall pink or red lighting scheme, as i tend to do.

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